Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Already?

Oh my goodness I cannot believe it is already May! There is so much going on this month and there is so much to look forward to in June. Here is a little sneak peak:
  • my Grandma Price's birthday is today!!! What a wonderful way to kick off the month
  • Saturday my not-so-little brother is going to his senior prom! (my eyes are watering already)
  • Next Saturday my little cousin is making her first communion so we will be traveling to Dublin to celebrate her making another step to being a member of the Catholic church. If you couldn't tell already my cousins are my world and I love every minute I get to spend with them!
  • My other cousin Maddy will be getting her first market lamb for her 4H project and I will be helping her with it every step of the way
  • On the 25th my baby brother will be graduating high school, where has the time went?!! its crazy
  • There are 3 pay days in the month of May for this chick! whoot whoot cannot complain about that one!!!
  • There will be many hours spent in the turkey woods hunting down my first thunder chicken
  • With nice weather coming there will be lots of outdoorsy stuff going on between going fishing with my boy, cleaning up our river cabin, throwing parties at the river cabin and who knows what else the nice weather will bring.
Does anyone else have anything exciting going on for this month?! I cannot wait to read all your blogs and see what your all getting into. This month I am also going to participate in the Photo A Day challenge over at Fat Mum Slim. The only catch to it is that I will only be posting the photos for the challenge every so many days or possibly just a set date because I am not very good at posting them every day. I feel like I am being forced to do it and it makes it such a chore so I want to enjoy taking the pictures and do them on my time but there will definitely be a photo taken everyday and it will be posted on my Instagram (follow me @brittkuhn2009) but anyways here is the challenge:

Well Happy May Day everyone!!!

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  1. Love that your cousin is getting a show lamb! I grew up showing them and we still sell lambs to 4-H and FFA kids. Nothing better that a kid can be involved in if you ask me!



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