Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Last night I got my driftwood frame finished and hung up in my room. I ended up digging an old frame out of the basement that has a piece of canvasy material on it that is kinda dirty and until I get a picture for it I am leaving it there. My plan is to put one of engagement pictures in it after we get them taken. But after I hung it up above my bed I was searching for a place to put my cross and realized that it looked perfect hanging in the frame! I LOVE IT!! All the wood was found here at the State Park so if/when we move away I can take a big piece of home with me. Now I need to get started on my next project...JK got me a bunch of wood from an old barn. I am not real sure what I am going to do with it but will figure it out soon, just after some research on Pinterest! 


  1. How Pretty is that.... very rustic! I can imagine there will be a lot of this stuff in my house. My boyfriend is a farmer but he likes to pretend he is a cowboy lol

  2. I love how it turned out! It looks great!

  3. So pretty! I really like that with the cross in it too!


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