Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest and a BIG announcement

As always I am linking up over at The Vintage Apple for Pinteresting Wednesday. You might notice a little theme going on.... well there is a reason. This week Anthony and I have been dreaming of the beach. Not only because our vacation to the OBX is a little over a month away but because we made a big decision! We are moving to South Carolina....yes we are going to become beach bums, will be found walking the sandy Carolina beaches with salty skin and suntanned! It has not really set in completely yet but we have time. 

We decided that instead of buying a house here in Ohio where is actually really hard to find a house in our lower price range that is not trashed or in the ghetto, we are going to buy a house down South. We are set on moving to South Carolina because my Uncle Brad and Aunt Anita live there and being close to family is a big priority to us especially if we are going to be 638 miles away from home. We don't think we should buy a house here in Ohio because we are afraid we won't end up moving in the end and this is something we would really like to experience. This isn't something that we are doing immediately either because we are definitely getting married in Ohio where all of our family and friends are and where we are from and started and Anthony is still working on his degree so we are most likely going to rent a house or an apartment until the big move. But anyways this week I have been super excited about our big decision and when I am not found looking at homes for sale on I am looking anything beachy related on pinterest! 

pier at Folly Beach

love the fact that we will be able to sit outside and eat pretty much all year round.
Sorry Ohio but your a little bi-polar!

There is just something about a white rocking chair that screams beach to me but
also is a reminder of home because this could also be found on the front porch
of a farm house.

love this! I have so many shells from all of our trips to the beach and my accumulation of blue mason jars is getting up there for the wedding so I can see how I will be decorating our house.
I will be just fine with plopping my chair down in front of this with a good book
and relaxing on my days off!


  1. I've never been to OH or SC but a big move sounds VERY exciting! Found ya from this link up. Congrats on your big move, can't wait to read more!

  2. Very excited for you! I have always lived near the ocean, I now live near Cleveland so I am really missing the beach. I lived in LA for four years and that was soooo fun lots of nice beaches there! Anyway, lots if exciting things coming up for you!


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