Thursday, May 24, 2012

okie dokie smokie..

Well today I am do my first ever It's ok Thursday over at Brunch with Amber. Feel free to link up over there...

Its Ok Thursdays
- its okay that I decided to sleep in an extra 25 minutes to only have to take a 5 minute shower and run out the door with a half wet pony tail, almost no makeup on and my legs need shaved and I decided to throw on capris.
- its okay that even though I was running super late I felt the absolute need to go through Tim Horton's and get a bagel and a large strawberry banana fruit smoothie
-its okay that I am counting down the days with my counter ap on my phone til we leave for vacation.
-its okay that I have been shopping nonstop for a new pair of cowboy boots to wear for our engagement pictures even though I already have 7 pairs...A girl can never have too many boots! It is a toss up between these three. If I don't get the blue ones now they are the ones I am getting for the wedding anyways.
-Its ok that I am probably going to be a cry baby all day tomorrow. Between Miss Molly graduating from preschool and Jonathan's high school graduation I am going to be a little emotional. But thats ok!
-Its going to be ok that The Children's Place did not have the flower girl dresses in one of the sizes that I needed. I will be able to find something else much cuter! (crossing my fingers)
-Its ok that I am seriously considering having an outdoor wedding even though that is just going to up my stress level by 10 but it will be ok. This is what Anthony and I want and that is what the whole day is about right?
Well that is my ok thursday. What are you ok with today?


  1. I love the top ones with the blue!

  2. LOVE THE BOOTS!!!! New follower from the It's Ok linkup!! xoxox

  3. I loveee that top pair of boots! I seriously ordered a similar pair made by Justin last month, and they're back ordered until July. Thinking I may have to check those ones out! Outdoor weddings are my favorite!


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