Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Typical Monday

Disclaimer: This post will contain me complaining a lot about my horrible no good Monday! but it is followed by some better material...promise

Monday kicked my arse...on top of sleeping in and not having time to wash my hair, having a full schedule at work with very little time for lunch, mad people because they cannot get in or think they can just walk in without an appointment I started noticing I was experincing signs of a UTI. I usually just brush this off and tough it out for a couple of days in avoidance of the doctor but in the end you always have to get something to treat these pesky infections because there is no home remedy for them. So I called the Doctor and luckily they were able to get me in if I could be there in 15 mintues and I was able to. After the routine urine sample and coming back positive they called me in a prescription. One good thing out of this whole ordeal is that the prescription is Kroger's free prescription this month, lucky me! Now I am off to drinking lots of water, no pop or alcohol and hoping this kicks the UTIs bootay and I am back to my normal self soon!

Then we headed to get Maddy's lambs for her 4H project only to get there and we had a blow tire on the horse trailer. Luckily it was just the front one on the tandem axle but we decided to play it safe and leave the trailer there and take a spare out today to get them.

I ended up eating supper with Spiker's and Aunt Lori made spaghetti and this awesome garlic bread it was so delicious!!! I got home and started a load of laundry and went to bed early because my belly feels like it is being torn apart from the medicine and I had had a no good day. I figured sleeping on it would make it better by morning but I got up this morning feeling the same. Not sure what is going on other than taking the medicine on an empty stomach was a bad idea. Hopefully this goes away soon so I can function normal.

On to better news we had a wonderful weekend with my brother's prom and going turkey hunting. I didn't get to fill my tag but I did get to see a couple but they were out of shooting range. JK and Shalene looked amazing which was no surprise so I will leave you with some pictures:
Shalene and Jk - how cute are they?!

Me and Shalene

Our family - minus Anthony (he had to work)

Shalene's family

their ride

3 generations:  Grandpa Kuhn, Jk, and Dad

Miss Molly and Vincent with JK


Nathan and JK
at promenade
On Sunday we did a lot of work outside at the house just cleaning up and I decided to get out all of our tents and decided which one we are going to take on vacation. After some cleaning at the house Anthony and I headed down to our river lot to see what all is going to need done before summer and man there is a lot of stuff that needs to be done, it is kind of over whelming. We go there to relax and get away for the weekends so we decided we are going to go up a couple times during the week to get the work done so we can enjoy ourselves on the weekend. I ended up taking down the curtains so I can work on sprucing them up a little bit because they are just plain white curtains. After we left the river we went to a little cookout at Aubrey and Mark's and got to hangout with their new neighbors who are really nice. Here are some pictures I took this weekend with Tank, we have been working on his retrieving skills and he is doing really good (:
we probably have a tent in any size thought of because this does not include 2 other tents that we keep at the river lot or  the army tents my Dad has one that fits 20 people! yes twenty people!!! and another smaller one that just holds one maybe two people. 

Handsome boy!!!

I love this picture I took Sunday morning with the rain drops sitting on this leaf!!

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