Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Recap...Picture overload

We had a pretty event packed weekend just like everyone else did. It was extra nice to have Monday off in order to fit in some more fun and recoup from all the running. Friday we had two graduations to attend, Miss Molly's preschool graduation (I don't have those pictures loaded yet) and Jonathan's high school graduation. I hope your ready for some major picture overload in this post. Along with the graduations I also had a birthday party for Vincent, a couple fishing trips, church on Sunday, laying out in the pool,  and a cookout at Hendershot's for Memorial Day yesterday.
before graduation in the front yard. Every year on the first day of school we
have gotten our picture taken under this same tree
Shalene and her brother Devon
JK with Uncle Matt and Aunt Lori
JK with Aunt Erin, Uncle Jeff, Avery and Evan
JK and his buddy Nathan
JK and DJ

Saturday: we had Vincent's birthday party and I got some time to layout by the pool and start my new book.
Vincent was a little embarrassed to have all of us singing to him.
I let Maddy practice her french braiding on my hair...she is really good!
Sunday: I woke up just in time to make it to 9:00 church. I ended up going by myself which allowed me to clear my head and focus on what I was really there for. I decided to wear my boots with my cute skirt that I got last summer from Gabriel Brothers.
Sunday I ended up going floating on the river with Sami before she had to go to work then Anthony, JK, Shalene and I went fishing at the Zemba farm. We didn't catch anything but we did have fun!
Monday: I went over to Hendershot's for a cookout. They had all kinds of delicious food including fish that Shane caught and brought home from Canada. After we all ate we decided to go look at a car that was for sale for Shalene and they ended up buying it! After Anthony got off of work the four of us went fishing again and Shalene and I caught our first big catfishes and I caught a big striper! We were both so excited!!!!

Now I am just trying to get through my 3.5 day week until the weekend and I meet again. Not real sure whats going on this weekend other than Shalene's graduation party and probably some fishing with Anthony because since the weather is so nice that is all we ever do!

What do you and your family get into with Summer finally being here?

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