Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First things first.

I am not a runner.
I have never run over a mile in my life, except for basketball practices in grade school, but never just gone out decided to run a mile.
I have done a 5K but we walked. Miss Molly and I did our first 5Ks together for this.
I always pray and wish that I could become a runner but I lack something in that dept.
I think it is something in my head but whatever it is I am always wishing it would go away.

So yesterday on my way home from work I was thinking about how many days we have til vacation and how I told myself like 40 days ago that I was going to start working out and eating super healthy and blog about it.
Have many healthy eating and exercising posts have I made? none, zero, nilch, nershkins.
Have I been working out every day? a big fat NO.
Have I started eating any healthier? uhhh...not really.
I am now leaving for the beach 2 weeks from tomorrow. That is 15 days, not too much of my physical appearance can be changed in 15 days. But it is much bigger than 15 days. It is a complete and total lifestyle change and it should not be done just so I look nice sitting on the beach (that is a major plus though) but needs to be done in order to change my overall health for the rest of my life. This doesn't need to be done for other people's eyes but for my own self. The weather here has been amazing with highs in the 80s and 90s however being the nonrunner I am, I am not about to go out running in this heat unless I feel the need to visit my Mom in the ER. So last night I thought to myself the only way I am possibly going to be able to get any outdoor exercise in would be to get up in the morning and do it before getting ready for work. I didn't set my alarm clock for any earlier last night, I actually pretty much passed out on the couch snuggling with Anthony and watching the Hatfields and McCoys and forgot to set my alarm, and I automatically woke up at 6 a.m. which I normally wake up at 7:30 and am running like a mad woman to get ready for work. After laying on the couch for 5 or so minutes I realized my waking up early was a sign that I should go for a run. I quickly threw on some shorts, shirt and shoes, set my playlist to some tunes and pressed "Start" for my MapMyRun ap and I was off. I wasn't real sure on how far I was going to be able to run, figured half a mile and I would turn back. Any other attempts I have made at doing this I have wogged (walking + jogging) and not made it very far. I started to notice that my body was not tiring and I was going much further than I had in the past. So I just kept going....I decided to turn around when my ap told me I had done 1.5 miles and I still had to go that same distance to get home. When I came running in the driveway and it said I had done 3 miles I was so exctied! Words cannot even describe how I was feeling at what I had just accomplished!

I understand that this is just the beginning, that tomorrow I may wake up so sore that I will just roll over and go back to sleep. My goal is to stick to this sudden motivation that I have acquired and use it to its full potential because this is the first step to my healthier life style and I know what I am capable of. Here are my stats of my first run::


  1. Go you! It's great to have an incentive for wanting to be fit, but it's even better when you want to make a lifestyle change.

  2. Great job!! I fell in love with running when I ran my first 5k!!


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