Saturday, May 19, 2012

You dirty dog!

This is seriously what I came home to today. Actually when I pulled in the driveway the neighbor boy was playing with him and I thought they got a new dog. I had no idea it was him! After a second look and seeing him running at me I realized it my Tanky boy! All I could do was laugh and grab my camera.

What happened was since the puppies are residing in his swimming pool right now he couldn't find something to cool off in so he decided the neighbor's leach bed was the next best thing! After half a bottle of Suave he is a clean boy again.
This reminded me of the book Harry the Dirty Dog that we read when I was little.

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  1. That's awesome! Haha what a cute dog you have! What kind is he? My husband and I are looking at getting a dog, but aren't sure what kind to get. Looks like you have your hands full! I'm a new follower and can't wait to read more about you! :)

    -Sarah@the {mr.} and the {mrs.}


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