Monday, May 21, 2012

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away...// Weekend Recap

I started the weekend off by going to get my hair done which I mentioned in Friday's Letters. I have been slowly trying to get back to my blonde hair that is more of my natural color. Last fall I decided to color it brown and I have not been pleased with it ever since. I went to Stephanie a little over a month ago and had some blonde high lights put in but it still wasn't what I was truly wanting. Well Friday I was just going to have her put some more highlights in it but I figured what the heck and she did a foil weave and put lots of blonde in it. I LOVE IT!!! I also decided to get my bangs cut shorter so I can have more of a styled look. I am still playing with them but the blonde is here to stay! What do you think?
Friday night Anthony and I decided to pack our stuff up and headed to the river for the night. We got some work done around our lot, I rearranged the deck furniture and we burnt lots of sticks and leaves that were laying around. After fixing the dock up some we decided to put the poles in the water and relax. I invited Aubrey and Mark down to hangout but they couldn't make but it was nice to have some quality time just the two of us. 

I did get some turkey hunting in this weekend. Unfortunately I didn't get to shoot one and I wasted my tag because yesterday was the last day for spring turkey season here in Ohio. Oh well here in a couple months it will be deer season and I have been practicing shooting my bow so soon enough we will be back out in the woods! The picture below is the crazy turkey hunt we went on yesterday. We started out in that far clearing in the trees on the other side of that ravine and there were 4 turkeys where I took the picture. We had to be sneaky and go through the edge of the woods all the way around and try to sneak in behind them. This took a lil over 45 minutes and unfortunately when we checked to find them they were gone! They must have gone into the woods and we could not locate them. This was the hardest I had worked for a turkey this whole season and I was pretty bummed but hey that's the game and they outsmarted us this time but next year we will be back. 
Saturday night we went roosting the turkeys which is you just go out and look to see what trees the turkeys are sleeping in for the night so the next morning you can get them when they fly down for the day.
 Yesterday was the 7 year anniversary of my Grandpa Spiker's death so we had lunch over at Grandma's house to celebrate his life and spend time together. We ended up setting up the new trampoline Grandma got the grandkids for Christmas and I sat up the slip n slide because it was so hot! Last night we ended up going fishing down at the pond and I got some bow practice in. Anthony caught like 5 fish and like always I only caught one but this time it wasn't a blue gill so I was super excited about that! I was also able to snap some pictures of the flowers and stuff around the pond.
Anthony's first catch of the day

my bass
I love this picture!

bow practice
 While we were outside enjoying the weather I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the sky was. I thought of Grandpa immediately and quietly thanked him for such a wonderful ending to the day. It is so hard to believe it has been seven years since he went to a better place free of suffering and pain. I think about him every day in even the smallest things. Life is very different without him. Grandpa had this contagious laugh that made everyone around him laugh. He would start laughing and his face would turn so red which I see a lot with my Mom. He was the person that got me started in 4H and showing lambs, I can't help but get a huge smile on my face while I am teaching Maddy everything he taught me. In the beginning it was very hard right after he died to find happiness in the things that reminded me of him but I can honestly say that now I am humbled knowing the he is in a much better place watching down on all of us. Justin Moore's song If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away speaks so much truth about death and dying and every time it comes on the radio I think how amazing it would be if heaven really wasn't so far away and we could just visit our love ones. Even one day would be perfect for me. But until then I can handle these gorgeous sunsets and the little reminders that Grandpa sends me every day. I love you Grandpa, xoxo

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  1. OK Brit... off to get a tissue....
    But you are so right and he is so missed :)


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