Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had a pretty good weekend, I just forgot to take pictures of some of the stuff we did..
Friday night we watched the new Spiderman movie then we went over to Hendershots for a fire
most likely the last one of the year ):
Saturday I met my bestie Blaire for lunch at Chipotle then we decided to go to JoAnn Fabrics which led to Homespun Treasures to walking around the wall to going to Sally's, Payless, TJ Maxx and the new shoe store. By the time we were done window shopping (I only say that because we didn't buy anything) it was 4:00 and that only means one thing...Happy Hour at Applebees. So we went there.

 creepy Christmas decorations at TJMaxx
 Saturday Night we ended up going bowling with some of Anthony's friends which I didn't do too bad at!! We really should go more often because we never do and we always end up having fun while when we do
Sunday we ran some errands in the morning then we hit the tree stand for the remainder of the day. The weather was perfect, I got halfway through my book and I even got a little tease from an 8 point but he ended up going around us and didn't get close enough. I was super excited, shaking and buck fever definitely kicked in!
 After we got out of the tree we stopped by Anthony's Moms to get some of his mail and visit with her and Bob for a little bit. Oh and meet these little cuties!!!
they are only two weeks old and are going to be ready to go to loving homes just in time for Christmas...December 21st!! you know you want one (:

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