Saturday, November 10, 2012

Fridays Letters on Saturday

Dear Turbo Fire,
you are kicking my ass hiney! but I LOVE it because I know it is working. I cannot wait to be less fluffy and toned, hopefully just in time for my big day!! I have never been one to be able to stick to dieting and I feel like if I can bust my behind I will be more appreciative of the shape of my body and where I am at at that point and stick to it! and the awesome part of all of it is the support group behind Beach Body and so many success stories and the girls that are in the group I am in are so motivational and encouraging!
 Dear Dryer,
Please continue shrinking Anthony and JK's flannels because that means I get to wear them to lounge around the house in in the evening with a comfy pair of leggings and my moccasins. Nothing beats this!!! especially when they are super cute ones like this!!

 Dear Fancy Nancy,
its nice to that you are finally coming around to be a snuggler and cuddling with me on the couch. It might make Tank a little jealous but I will keep you safe pretty girl as long as you keep those claws outta my stomach....ouch!
 Dear God,
Thank-you for your sweet reminder of your precense with us everyday. Even though the elections did not go the way I had favored it to be I was comforted by this amazing sunset and the reminder that with You I will get through anything!
 Dear Healthy Eating,
all of this rabbit food is really starting to grow on me and I am enjoying getting creative with different salads and toppings. I do not suggest apple chunks with cheese and tomatoes, yea not real sure what I was thinking

Dear cute bracelet from Singapore,
I really really like you and the other one I got for a friend but really must you take over a month and a half to get here. Looks like I really need to start paying attention to where things are coming from and keep it in the United States.

Dear Tank,
yesterday morning I wanted nothing more than to just climb back into bed with you but  I had to get ready for work. Luckily it was just my half day and I was able to come home and take a little nap with you.

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  1. That is a cute flannel shirt! I'll have to go digging through Ryan's side of the closet for some shirts now :)
    I've never heard of Turbo Fire, you'll have to share more of what it is!


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