Wednesday, November 7, 2012

{Pinterest November} DIY Chalkboard

On Saturday night I started my first project for the Pinterest November series I am doing.
If you are just jumping into this make sure you read up on yesterday's post I made explaining what I am doing and what projects I am going to get done this month.
This project is what I have been wanting to get done ever since I saw Jessica Garvin's amazing maternity chalkboard posts and I even have a whole pinterest board dedicated to Chalkboards.
So it was long over due and I bought some chalkboard spray paint and got to business.

 I have a whole bunch of old picture frames in a box that my Grandpa Price got me at an auction that has been sitting in the storage room for a couple years now and I decided to go through it to see what was in there to work with.
I ended up finding an old frame that had a canvas in it already that looked like someone had attempted to do a sketch on but it was really light/faded and I decided to just use it for the chalkboard. 
My friend Shelby used a canvas for their chalkboard for their nursery so I knew it would work.
One little mistake I made was not taping off the frame or just taking out the canvas and I just sprayed right over all of it so last night I had to put a couple coats of blue paint on the frame to cover up the overspray of the black paint. I might end up putting more on it to cover it up better.
After the paint was all dry I put the Command Velcro strips on the back and put it on the side of our refrigerator. Yesterday morning I put up a little reminder to everyone in the house to vote!! 
Now I just need some practice with drawing on the chalkboard...

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