Tuesday, November 6, 2012

this crazy lil idea of mine

Yesterday I mentioned my little idea...
well I guess it isn't so little but stick with me please.
I decided that I am tired of pinning all these ideas on Pinterest and not actually doing them and after seeing a couple other bloggers creating parties and link ups dedicated to finishing pinterest pins I thought I would jump on the band wagon and start finishing some of my own too. 
I went through all my Pinterest boards and pulled out 20 different projects to get done during the month of November and of course I am going to blog about them and give credit where it is due. 
So here are the projects I picked to get done:

  • lace camera strap for The Decorista - unfortunately there is no tutorial on this one so I am going to figure it out myself and hopefully do my own tutorial on it!
  • DIY chalkboard from Domestic Imperfection - there are tons of these tutorials all over pinterest...I actually have a whole board dedicated to chalkboards and I have been wanting make one for a really long time so why not get it done this month
  • adorable potholders from Prudent Baby- there is an awesome tutorial provided for these and I am thinking these will make great Christmas presents for some people in our family 
  • If Your Not God or George Straight Take Off Your Boots sign from Trimble Crafts etsy shop - I love these signs and they definitely look easy enough to make my own so I am going to give it a little try
  • birthday board as a Christmas gift to one of my Grandmas from The Cozy House etsy shop
  • awesome serving tray with bottle caps from Sweet Something Designs 
  • cute photo christmas tree ornaments from The Crafting Chicks
  • menu board from Style Me Pretty for the wedding
  • pet silhouette pictures from The Modern Cottage 
  • the cardboard letters covered in yarn unfortunately do not have a reliable website however the pin itself has the tutorial. My plan is to use some yard and also some jute string or bakers twine.
  • frames for the fridge from How Does She
  • burlap DIY tree skirt from Done Over Decor
  • doiley garland, no reliable website provided through Pinterest but the pin is pretty self explanatory
  • suitcase card box for our wedding from the Wedding Bee
  • tree pen holder from the Homen Stead etsy shop
  • Just Lovely has the best ever wedding binder guide 
  • pretty pretty filing cabinet from over at Two Twenty One's blog
  • driftwood christmas tree - the blog is in Spanish but Google let me translate it Laloleblog
  • I absolutely love Ashley's coffee station and want to create one similar to it because our coffee/tea station at the house is a complete mess and I always find myself cleaning it up and I don't even really drink coffee (ok go ahead and tell, Anthony already does every morning, that I am not American) - Its Rustic Living
  • seating chart for the wedding from The Paper Walrus etsy shop

So here is hoping and praying that I can finish all these projects this month..I am already a little behind because November has already started but on Sunday I started out by doing my first DIY Chalkboard...I will post more about it tomorrow!

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  1. These all look fantastic!! I especially love the burlap tree skirt and the twig christmas tree...I think I found the projects I will need to get done before December!


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