Friday, November 16, 2012

Fridays Letters

Dear TJMaxx, you have once again made me happy! I have been eyeing these two pillows for a little over a month now but could not fathom paying $25 a piece for them so for a month I have been going in and checking on them to make sure they are still there, you know just waiting there to see me for the week. Even though I wasn't going to buy them I did not want anyone else to buy them either...I guess I am a little selfish like that. So anyways on Saturday when Blaire and I were in there I found out they have a comforter in the same pattern! NO WAY!!! this totally made my whole day. The only bad part was that it was $90 and I didn't have the money to spend on it and didn't really want to either so I kinda let it go.. Well yesterday I deposited my paycheck and decided to pay the pillows one last visit and low and behold the comforter got moved to clearance and it was marked down half the price!!! Whoot Whoot  I was doing my little happy dance right there in the store. I was also able to buy a cute, super soft green throw blanket to put on my bed to match the comforter. All for under $ was like Christmas came early and I was just gifting myself!
 Dear Gallery Walls,
Originally I was just going to leave the one wall up by my bed but the headboard area was too bare without anything and I really wanted to used my Cowgirl Up sign because soon enough when I come the Mrs. I know the Mr. will not be wanting a Cowgirl Up sign hanging in our bedroom so I might as well milk the last couple months as long as I can. So last night I did some rearranging and all I need to do is get some other pictures to hang on my chicken wire frame. But I am loving waking up every morning to the pictures hanging and thanking God every morning that nothing has fallen on me throughout the night!!

Hope everyone has an amazing weekend and today Mom and I are heading to the Flower Factory to hopefully get all the flowers for the wedding all picked out followed by some shopping at Easton and maybe even lunch there too!!


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