Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

It's been a couple months since I last posted a How Pinteresting on a Wednesday to party with The Vintage Apple and I am not sure why I slacked off on this part because I definitely haven't slacked off on my pinning everything and not actually doing it habit.
This weeks pins have shown lots of Christmas spirit...hmm I wonder why?
oh yea probably because we have our tree up, nothing but the lights are on it and the only other thing that is decorated is the mantle (only because we decided to try something new with the mantle this year). There is still a rotting pumpkin on the front porch and my Thanksgiving banner hanging in the kitchen. Let's face it, Pinterest is so much more fun than actually decorating! 

1. My mom actually pinned this first and told me this is what she was wanting to do with the mantle this year. So of course I had to pin it then plan it..this was actually the first pin we have just decided we were going to do, went to the store immediately and got everything we need. Unfortunately the blog post where this originated from has been removed but the whole thing is pretty self explanatory.
2. Aren't these two just adorable?! The pin came from a Flikr account so the picture is probably floating all around the internet, too bad I can give credit to the respectful owner where it is due. Now if only I can get Tank to hold still and do this with him so he can be on our Christmas card.
3. I have been swooning over all the burlap stockings I am finding! I just need to bust out the sewing machine and make some of my own!! this gorgeous one came from Red Berry Barn and she had it put on her blog from this Etsy shop AtCompanyB
4. I have been seeing these Buck silhouettes all over the place and am not real sure what is keeping me from making one myself other than whenever I think about it I am at home, don't have the glitter on hand and have already been to town once. but Kelsey at Daisy Dreaming did this awesome one!!
5. I have had seen this awesome NOEL a while ago but forgot to pin and then found it again this weekend and feel in love all over again! This time I saved it. Now if I can just make it
6. I finally caved and bought a denim shirt. I have been contemplating buying one for a long time but I have an issue with wearing denim on denim and I haven't got enough nerve to wear leggings as pants yet. Well I bought one last week and immediately resorted to Pinterest to find some ideas to wear mine with. This girl totally pulls this off so I decided to pin it then ended up actually doing it on Saturday night and it wasn't too bad. I really need to break out of my comfort zone...

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