Wednesday, November 21, 2012

the countdown is on...

only 3.5 more hours and I will be clocking out for the day and hustling my butt over to the grocery store to get the ingrediacnts I need for tomorrow. Yes I totally forgot, okay maybe just decided to be lazy, to go yesterday and get what was needed. Last year I did the same thing and promised myself I would not be doing it again this year.... it was pure chaos and I couldn't find anything because there were carts every where people were so rude!! Here is hoping I make it out without screaming at anyone.

only 18 hours til I am enjoying the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade curled up under the blanket with my family, drinking hot chocolate and eating cinnamon rolls

24 hours til I am beginning my first Thanksgiving meal

2 Days until Ohio State makes the Wolverines cry

4 days until my Remington and I have a date in the woods!!

So Happy Thanksgiving to all my blogger friends! Hope you have a great time with your families and stay safe if you decide to hit the stores for some Black Friday shopping for deals that you just cannot resist. I myself decided I am not going shopping this year and actually volunteered to come into work. I saw a really cute pin on pinterest that I couldn't resist sharing with all of you today:

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