Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Madness...

I don't really like complaining about things on here (unless it's complaining about Friday not getting here soon enough or that winter came too fast) but today I really need to talk to someone (even if you choose not to comment or even read it, typing it and publishing it just gets it off my chest)

So ever since I was 7 or 8 years old my Mom has hosted Thanksgiving at our house. That is until about four years ago all in the same week our hot water tank broke and our gas was not working, conveniently the same week as Thanksgiving. So plans changed and Thanksgiving that year got moved to my Grandma Spiker's house. Long story short some important family members decided they would stay home for the day, not joining us for lunch and not bother calling. Lots of feelings were hurt and since then some things have been made sort of bitter along with other incidents happening at other events. Anyways Thanksgiving got moved permanently to my Grandma's because it is larger and there are toys and more room for the kids to play. Well this year Thanksgiving for my Dad's side of the family is being moved to another member's home an hour and a half away at the same time as the one my Mom hosts for the family. For whatever unknown reason that was made to split up the family on this day and then to have the whole family traveling all over the state of Ohio is beyond me but I just do not know how Anthony and I are going to manage this whole day...
I know it is not physically possible to please everyone and that we obviously are not going to be able to make it every where during the day so we are just going to have to make our own traditions and just stick to them...

Anyways what do you and your families do for the holidays? Do you have to run all over the place or do you just spend it the two of you lounging around the house?


  1. It's hard when you want to be with so many people you love and it's just not possible :( My bf is giving up Thanksgiving with his family to spend it with me and my fam. I know it's a sacrifice for him and so it means so much to me!

    Good luck with trying to plan it out =)

  2. in my case its hard to have anyone to be with. our extended family kinda fell apart the last few years. and now its only my immediate family that will be together.


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