Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend Recap

We didn't do too much of anything this weekend
and as you can tell neither did Tank

And he wasn't really up for having his picture taken either...
Friday night Anthony and I went and hungout with Shelby & Josh. We ended up going out to eat at Damon's then went back to their house and watched The Book of Eli. I cannot wait til we have our own place so we can have people over for dinner and watch movies or football!!
Saturday, Anthony had to work the whole day and I delivered a Christmas banner to a friend for her to use for her Christmas card photo sessions. Unfortunately I did not get any pictures of it before I gave it to her but she is going to get me some when she gets a chance. Saturday night we ended up watching The Campaign with JK and Shalene and just spent most of the night cuddled up under blankets in the warm house.
On Sunday Anthony DID NOT have to work!!! I was so excited. He has worked on Sundays for the last couple of months. We ended up going to 7 a.m. mass at our Church. Father Hayes had an amazing sermon about treating everyone the way we would want to be treated and I thought wow what better time than right now with the elections at full fledge and people backstabbing others. If only some of them could have gotten the same message as we got on Sunday morning. After Church we went to Donald's Donuts and brought some home for Mom, Dad & JK. 
Saturday evening Anthony finally got a chance to take me hunting!! 
I love spending time in the blind with this boy, even if we don't see anything. 
So that was our weekend! Not too much of anything fancy and as always the weekend went too fast!
Yesterday I got this big idea, I am so tired of having so much stuff pinned on my pinterest that I never get around to doing and I have noticed a couple bloggers doing a "Saw it, Pinned it, Did it" party. Well I am not very committed to joining parties on a regular basis but hopefully I can stick to this idea of mine. I took some pins from my own boards and made a new board called Pinterest November. My goal is for the month of November to get done the pins I do and of course blog about them. So feel free to check out my board but tomorrow I am going to post about the different projects I am going to do! 

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