Friday, January 31, 2014


Happy Friday everyone!
I no longer have Fridays off, so no more 3 day weekends. 
This is actually not too bad because we are only open til noon and it makes me get my day started early instead of laying in bed all morning. Plus my bank account is going to like the little bit extra.
Anyways, it is Friday so that means its a 5 on Friday post.

+ This week I started back to having a more regular yoga schedule. 
My body has been really tight and I know that when it comes time to start running 
again I don't want my legs to be all tight. 
Plus yoga allows me to really relax after a long day at work.

+Our friends Courtney & Darrin announced that they are expecting!!!
I am so excited. Since they live a couple towns away we have kind of drifted apart
but on Sunday we are going over to their house for the Super Bowl 
and I am going to help her with the nursery and everything.
I cannot wait to see her since the last time was at our wedding!!!

+Meal Plans. 
I finally stuck my meal planning for the week.
I love having mexican night & having tacos.
So easy to throw together!!
You could call it my cheat meal of the week.

+This week these twinnies celebrated their birthday.
Today we are all hanging out & making centerpieces for Jesie's wedding.
I am so excited!! 
I always have fun when we hang out & throw in some wedding crafts and I am in heaven!

+awkward sleeping positions of Tank!
I swear he has always slept in the funniest positions since he was a little puppy.
Its so funny though because when he sleeps like this he can't balance on his back long enough to stay there and he falls over to his side in like 30 seconds. He attempts to sleep like this are 10 times before he finally gives up and sleeps differently.
Such a goofy dog but I love him to pieces. xoxo

linking up with the girls for 5 on Friday

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend & if you are lucky enough to have warm weather please get your batooskie outside and enjoy it! Meanwhile I will be enjoying the temps in the positive numbers, its gonna feel like a heat wave after this week. I might even be able to get a run in outside if it warms up enough and the snow and ice thaws out some. 


  1. Amen for the "warm" temps! It's funny that 25 degrees feels like a heat wave! Haha! :) Sounds like you have a great weekend planned with the twins and your friends on Super Bowl Sunday and crafting!! Have fun! Yay for meal planning and mexican food! My favs too! Tank looks so funny... Jack does that stuff too! How in the world can that be comfy?! lol

  2. Oh how I love taco nights. :) And I've been meaning to tell you your comments are always so sweet and when I try to respond I can't so I looked for your blog and it wasn't in your profile...until all of the sudden today it is there. I don't know what's been happening, but I wanted you to know that I have tried responding to your comments!! Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey you commented over on my blog =) I love your blog and happy birthday to your hubby for tomorrow too!! =) Unfortunately the weather here in Northern Italy is really cold and wet at the moment, so no nice weather for me :( Hurry up Spring time that's all I can say =) xx

    Gina xo


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