Sunday, January 19, 2014

Operation End This Insanity: Closet Organization Pt.1

Part of my NY resolutions are to be better organized in life.
Oh wait isn't that everyone's NY goal?! 
And I am pretty sure it was my goal last year and probably the year before.
This year is going to be different. This is starting to sound repetitive.
But really there is only one way to make something happen and that is by actually doing it. My old boss favorited this quote and used it all the time:

"The definition on of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" Albert Einstein.

This is so true.
If we continue to eat fast food we are not going to lose the 15 lbs that need gone ASAP.
If I continue to only run that comfortable 4 miles instead of bumping it up to 6, 9 and eventually 12 and 15 I am never going to be ready for a half marathon.
If I don't purge some of these clothes in my closet (some from my high school days) I am never going to get a grip on this horrible laundry situation we have going on. You would seriously think the Duggars lived here by the laundry mountain we have in the hallway.
If we don't sit down and make a budget and stick to it we are going to be stuck in this rental house forever. 
If I don't make some meal plans my husband is going to continue eating deer meet every night until we run out then I am going to have to cook something. Pretty sure we can't live on wine and pb&j.

So in an effort to not be living with so much insanity I am going to make it a weekly goal to implement new organization routines into our lives. 
Each week I am going to pick a certain area that needs major improvement and fix it. 
This week we are starting with our closet.

Our closet is not a standard closet and it's not a huge walkin closet.
But it is a walk in closet that is big enough for the two of us to not have to put away our off season clothes and have to find storage elsewhere.
We also don't use a dresser, instead everything is hung up. Unless it is socks, underwear, bras or running shorts, 
So I have scoured Pinterest for the best closet organization tips and ideas and this week I am going to see what we can do with our unorganized mess and I will do a follow up at the end of the week, most likely on Saturday.

Some areas that need improvement are:
+a place for scarfs
+shoe organization
+swim wear
+socks & under garments
+workout clothes
+hunting clothes
+bulky winter coats & sweatshirts 
The biggest problem will be:
+getting rid of everything I do not need or wear!
 +I am also going to focus on making it an area that is easier in the eyes (read: goodbye light blue paint and weird ceiling) 

Do you have a great storage idea for me? 
Please leave any suggestions for us because at this point we are considering all options.


  1. Don't worry, you're not alone! Our master closet and room is out of control! I'm definitely not the best person to give organizing advice. ;) I usually just throw junk under the bed where I can't see it. Then, my hubby finds them and gives me the most disappointed look. ;)

    1. I would totally have everything stuff under our bed too but the bed that we are using right now was an old water bed and there are these built in drawers which are full of my Grandpa's pictures and photo albums (we rent from them) and I didn't want to pull them all out since I figured we wouldn't need that storage place anyways. I do however have like 3 junk drawers in my house and my hubby gives me the same look when he opens them lol

  2. For scarves I use the plastic rings used to hang shower curtains. I've also done this with purses :) stuff you don't use often you could put in the vacuum sealed bags by zip lock!

    P.s. You dont need to run 15 miles to train for a half :) - most training guides suggest 11 or 12 as the longest! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Emily! I am new to this whole running thing when it comes to the technicalities but I do know that I want to be able to handle a comfortable amount of miles over the race distance just for my peace of mind (:

      I found the perfect solution for my scarfs. I bought some blankets at TJ Maxx a couple months ago and they came on these wooden hangers and the scarves fit perfectly on them, I am so excited!!!!

  3. That's a nice large closet you have there! I'm jealous! Lol. I'm not sure if your going to be hanging clothes on both sides there but it may be a good option to add shevles and be able to put different cubbies or baskets that pull out of cubbies for things that you can't hang up or that don't have to be hung up! In our closet below all the clothes that are hung up I have some basket things and cubbie things. Cubbie... is that a word?! Hahah. I hope you know what I mean ;) I have a really hard time not getting rid of clothes either. The best suggestion someone told me was to put things on a hanger facing one way and if you wear it, the next time you hang it back up, put the hanger the opposite way. So eventually if you don't wear something for a long period of time you can easily pick it out of your closet. :)

    1. I really like the size of our closet however I have seen a lot bigger ones around on blogland and one thing that would be nicer is if it was a little wider. I have been contemplating putting in an organization wall on it so I put baskets or cubbies but I am going to try to work with what I got since we are renting and trying to save to build our own (: I am totally going to try the hanger part but I will have to have Anthony go through and pull out all the ones that are still facing backwards and take them away because I have an attachment to everything!1!

  4. Wow, our closets are really similar! Excited to see what you do in here!
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

    1. Thanks Kelly! They are very similar (: when are you planning on posting your reveal? I will totally give you a shout out when I post mine. Great minds think alike!!!


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