Saturday, January 25, 2014

Operation End This Insanity: Closet Organization pt.2

How are you all surviving Snowmageddon 2014?
We got so much snow today that I didn't even end up going anywhere which kinda blew my big idea for our closet makeover out the window. That is okay because I was perfectly content with laying around with the furbabes. We even went out to play with them in the snow for a little bit after cabin fever started kicking in.
It was nice to go out and get some fresh air but I cannot stand the cold so it didn't last long.
Anyways back to the closet makeover.
If you missed part one last Saturday you will see how much better it looks now!
 Here is a little before and after
 We cannot believe how much better it looks now.
The major difference is the new paint.
I ended up using a gallon of paint I bought a couple months back at Habitat For Humanity for $8. Unfortunately the color was not on the can but I have ended up using it for the kitchen and now our closet. Definitely the best $8 I have ever spent.

Now how about a break down of what is actually going on in here now:

 I was going to use shower rings on a hanger for scarf organization but then I found these hangers from some blankets we bought at TJ Maxx and they are working perfect for all my scarfs.

This is Anthony's side (he has about 3 loads of laundry that need done) and in the back are my summer dresses. I ended up pulling all of our camo, hoodies, and coats out and putting them in the laundry room closet. 
 Over here we are hanging all of our pants and above are belts and camis on a circle hanger.
We are a little behind on laundry too because the rest of our pants are in there right now too.

Below on the other side are all of my clothes.
Can you tell I purged out a full laundry basket of clothes to get rid of?
I was easily filling up a whole bar and a half in here before.
It is so much easier to get ready now.

 Some more of the organization is just putting stuff in baskets.
Above is all my swimwear (left) and lingerie (right) and below is a long basket I got at Hobby Lobby for our wedding programs to go in and it is now the home of all my workout shorts.

My favorite part is the mini gallery wall I did on the back wall.
The heart was a wedding gift my cousin Missy made me and the other picture frames are all from TJ Maxx.
The chalkboard I made for our wedding as a menu on the bar and I am still trying to decide what I am going to put on it now. I figure some quote since this would be one of the first things I read in the morning while getting ready for work.

Some stuff I did to end the insanity we had going on were
  • Pull out all the clothes we no longer fit into or just do not wear.
  • From now on we are doing the little trick of flipping hangers to decide what needs to go at the end of the season. My method is going to be backwards from how it is done normally. When I put clothes back I am going to put them back in backwards then in the six months I will pullout what is still facing in. I am doing this because I am more likely to pull something out to wear that is easier to take out and then I will most likely wear something more than once unless it is a favorite.
  • I moved all our hunting gear to the laundry room closet since they are so bulky
  • I also moved all our hoodies and coats to the laundry room closet because usually when we get home from work we take off those clothes and put on comfy clothes (sweat pants and hoodie) and by having these items in there we can take off our dirty clothes and put them in the right basket to be washed.
  • Socks and underwear were moved to on top of the dryer in little canvas tote baskets so they can just be pulled out of the dryer and thrown in the correct basket without spending the time to actually sort them. We all know there is always a match missing anyways.
  • I was originally going to put a tall skinny dresser at the end of the closet against the wall where we would store socks and other under garments along with running shorts and whatever else couldn't be hung up. I had the dresser painted already at my Mom and Dad's and was going to go get it today but then it ended up snowing like 7 plus inches and even the interstate here was closed because the County and State are running out of salt. Needless to say the dresser idea was nixed and in exchange I put up the awesome gallery wall, so it all played out for the better anyways.

I am planning on checking back in here in a month on the result of if this was a successful change for the better. I am hoping it will prevent us having clothes building up on the floor and laundry getting so backed up because it never makes it to out of the bedroom. Tomorrow I am going to be revealing the next project we are going to be working on to be more organized in 2014 and hopefully for years to come if we can make it a habit and stick to it.
I hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Brittany, your closet makeover looks incredible!! Yay!!! Great job! I love love love the gallery wall! :)

    1. Thank you so much Julie!! I cannot believe how much better it looks now and how much easier it is to get ready since everything is where it is supposed to be. My favorite part is the gallery wall too!! I cannot wait until we have our own house because I will seriously have a gallery wall in every room of our house!!!


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