Friday, January 24, 2014


Gosh these Fridays have been sneaking up on my all month, I cannot believe next week is our last Friday of January! Before we know it we are going to be floating around in our favorite swimming holes, sippin on a cherry coke just watchin the days go by (nice picture in your head huh!?)
This Polar Vortex can get lost any minute now! 
Anywho I am once again linking up with all the lovely ladies that host 5 on Friday...

This is kind of a little brain dumpy and it probably looks like we watch way too much tv but hey its cheaper than going out for drinks and dinner every night or going to every Justin Moore or Luke Bryan concert in the state of Ohio and surrounding states every chance I could get on the weekends. Don't worry if our budget and my husband allowed I would totally be following Mr. Moore all over the Country on his tours.
But alas we are newlyweds with some debt over our heads that needs paid off first.

1. The Bachelor.
Ok first off I have never watched the past shows of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Two weeks ago I told Anthony that I had never watched a television series from the very beginning to end and that I wanted to do that this year. I guess I always get bored and start watching something else. I have tried it with The Voice and Grey's Anatomy but somehow once I skipped one show I couldn't get caught up or I found something else to do on the nights they were being aired. 
Second, we do not have DVR (in an attempt to save money we nixed this little extra. to begin with we were not going to have any television but TWC told us we would get the basic channels with our internet package) so this leaves me with having to watch The Bachelor on Monday nights when they are aired. 
Last week I found two other bloggers that have pretty good commentaries and reviews on The Bachelor and they were so spot on and I found myself laughing at how similar our thoughts are about this show and the crazy shit that goes on. 
Here are some of my thoughts and opinions about the show...
-the first time meeting Juan Pablo (JP) was the most awkward thing I have seen. I just sat there waiting to see what other random thing the next girl would do. 
I totally lost it when the girl came riding in on a piano bicycle! you have got to be kidding me
-Anthony was like who the heck would bring their dog on this show?! 
I would totally be that girl and Tank would steal the whole show!
-I feel like opera singer is sneaky and just stirring shit. I mean one minute she says she doesn't feel the connection that she thought she would with JP and isn't even excited when she gets rose the first night then in the previews for next week she is all over him!!! I really don't think she has actual feelings.
-one lesson I learned from last weeks show and I don't know how I have gotten this far in life without..
Life is about straddling people
Thank you Victoria for this insight about life. I am sure my husband will thank you later!

2. Luck of the Irish. 
I know its not even March yet but I have kind of had a good round of lucky happenings this week.
Last Sunday I went to a bridal show with my friend Jesie and all the things that anyone could enter in were for the bride and I was just fine with that since I am still getting emails and phone calls from going to a couple shows when we first got engaged over two years ago. The one thing I did enter for was a free facial and what do you know Tuesday morning I got a voicemail congratulating me on winning!!! HECK Yeah!!!!
I will definitely be spilling the beans on how that goes when I do it (:
Then I got an email from Amanda at The Lady Okie saying that I won a Runner's World magazine from her along with a cd of her favorite running tunes!
Anthony brought the package in on Tuesday and I was so excited.
I am already half way through the magazine and have sticky notes all over the pages of good ideas for when I finally get back into running and I have some awesome music to had to my running playlist! Thanks so much Amanda!!!
This week I also put in my two entries for Cash Explosion that I got for Christmas.
Crossing my fingers and toes that something good comes out of that!

3. Tank Update.
A lot of people have been asking me how Tank is doing. 
He is doing pretty good. I guess as good as he can limping around on 3 legs.
We opted out of having it amputated since he isn't good at walking on four legs let alone three(read: he is a big clumsy guy) so now he is limping around on it. It has taken us about a week to figure out his medicine routine because the Remadyl makes him very sleepy and he was taking it twice a day. We cut back on it and started him on large doses of baby aspirin (being 130 lbs he can take 4 at a time). Since changing this around we have been able to enjoy him more because he isn't sleeping nearly as much and wants to play more which helps us a lot with the whole realization that he does have cancer, has a diagnosis of 3-6 months and that he isn't going to die right now. 
I think in the beginning I was completely overcome by the fact that he has cancer that I put aside the fact that we do get more time with him. Even though I know he isn't going to be around a lot longer I do have time to spend with him and I am going to savor every second of it. 
Now if I could just get boss my to agree that he can come to work with me I could gain much more time lol
Pigs will fly the day they agree on that!
until then him and Sparta are going to be chillin' like this through the week until I can join them on the weekends. Pathetic!!!

4. Photo An Hour.
I saw this idea a long time ago but it got pushed aside and I forgot about it until last week Steph at Southern Mess mentioned that Meg O had done this and she was planning on doing one too.
Well now they are putting together a one time only Photo An Hour link up next Thursday January 30.
I am so excited to do this and am actually thinking about doing a two parter because my Monday-Thursdays are pretty repetitive and my Friday-Sundays are more enjoyable (:
I am really looking forward to doing this and seeing what everyone else is getting into (my nickname was Nosey Rosey growing up and I still find myself living up to it)

5. Hulu Plus
(I am not compensated by Hulu in any means, the following are my own thoughts about this company)
Last night we decided to try out Hulu after many recommendations from friends and family on newer tv shows that we need to catch up on but since we don't have DVR we don't really like to sit around and wait for news to come and we are so behind on all these episodes that there is no way to catch up unless there is a marathon going on and then we would have to spend the whole day watching tv.
We ended up spending our whole evening snuggled up together catching up on an old time favorite, Greys Anatomy. Yay for no more indecisive nights of what to watch together and goodbye with Cops (don't get me wrong I love a good episode of Cops but after 7 months I am pretty sure we have seen every episode).
If you are interested you should totally try out Hulu, they have a free week of Hulu Plus available on their website (no secret codes needed) and just remember to cancel your subscription before the end of the week or you will be charged $7 a month for it, unless of course you want to continue with it then by all means don't cancel it and enjoy tons of tv episodes!!!


  1. Zach and I are thinking about getting Hulu Plus when we move next month. We're not getting cable to save money. I'm glad you like it!

    1. Yes you totally should!! A couple years ago my Mom and Dad had netflix but we were never really that satisfied with the movie options and we didn't like that so many of the ones we did want to watch we had to order and wait a day or two to get back so I knew we didn't really want to go that route again. I am completely caught up on Chicago Fire now and only one more episode of Chicago PD left til I am caught up. The hubby and I have spent the last two nights watching Grey's. It is so nice to be able to watch what we want to when we want to. We are even considering cancelling our actual cable and only having internet and the 5 local channels.

  2. Girl. I am glad you're watching Bachelor. I have never missed an episode (lame, I know. But I love it.). Love your hilarious commentary. Gotta watch it with a sense of humor to appreciate it...YES! Love it. Happy weekend lovely! Just started following you on GFC thank to the linkup..woopwoop! :) xx

  3. I llooove the bachelor and I'm totally ashamed of it. :) Juan Pablo is probably one of my least favorite bachelors though, but I think he's growing on me. He just doesn't have enough personality, although he is pretty freaking beautiful.
    Kelly @ View Along the Way

  4. Life is all about straddeling people... LOL! :) I've never watched the series of the Bachelor, but I have watched a couple shows here and there and it is so crazy! Yet hilarious! That would be so sweet if your work would let you bring Tank! Hehehehe :) Yay for having some good luck!! :) A facial sounds so pampering! Enjoy!


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