Sunday, January 5, 2014

Staying Caught Up....

I am not going to lie I have been completely overwhelmed over here when it comes to my online life.
Most days here lately I have found myself completely exhausted from trying to keep myself up to date on reading blogs and checking Instagram. We had been slammed at work trying to get everything done and reports to close up 2013. Plus a lot of people have been worried about what is going to happen with their insurance this year so they have been trying to get everything done last minute to avoid the risk of loosing the benefits they do have. In other words it has been pretty hectic there.
I typically always keep Bloglovin opened in an extra tab on my screen at work so when I have a couple minutes down time I can read some blog posts while its quiet and to avoid spending my whole evenings on my ipad reading all night. 
Today I realized you can have IG opened on a regular computer so I have been keeping it opened too and scrolling randomly. How come no one ever told me about this little secret?! (okay maybe its not a secret but I was definitely outta the loop on this one)
Even though I have been keeping caught up I still find myself overwhelmed with the amount of stuff I want to read. My Bloglovin currently has 76 unread posts and I just scrolled through a lot of my IG feed only to look up and realize there have been 17 new posts (in not even 3 minutes)
I think a lot of this has to do with the holidays and everyone showing Christmas home tours and all of their DIY projects and recipes they are cooked up for their families, then NYE plans and resolutions hit the big screens. I absolutely love reading all of the above but I have got to find some organization in this aspect of my life.

Does anyone else have like a schedule they try to do with blogging? or how do you organize everything?
I am definitely interested in what everyone else is doing!!!

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  1. I have zero schedule for the social world! I just try to make it work in my down time. It definitely helps having a smart phone and having access at work for when it's slow. Some days I don't have time and that's okay too... It definitely is hard to keep up sometimes!


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