Thursday, January 2, 2014

NYE Fesitvities

New Years Eve last year I decided that we were going to have a fun NYE celebration again the following year after we spent the year at a party at my Aunt and Uncle's. In the previous years we had always just stayed in the house and avoided being on the roads with the crazy drunk drivers. 
Well this year we did just that!
Our night out was very eventful having not one but two parties to go to.
First stop was Miranda and Andrew's wedding reception.
Miranda and Andrew tied the know a little over a year ago and then spent their honeymoon moving to Alaska due to Andrew being in the Air Force. Since they did not get to have their reception immediately following their wedding they have been planning one ever since for when they come home to visit. 
Well they decided to make the trip home for New Years and are actually spending three weeks here before returning to Alaska. 
Everything was winter wonderland themed and Miranda's Mom and other family and friends did an amazing job getting everything ready for the reception.
Shalene (my brother's gf) made the cake and it looked amazing!!!

sorry for the crappy iphone pictures...

Our second and last stop of the night was the Double Cut New Years Eve Party at the fairgrounds.
We ended up getting there are 10:30 and staying til 12:30 or so.
It was so much fun ringing in the New Year dancing with friends, listening to Double Cut and watching the ball drop Actually two...Double Cut had their own and they also had New York on a projector.

Me & Jesie
these two are tying the knot this year!! Cannot wait!
Cassie, Jesie and Me
Oh and the best part was kissing my hubby after the count down!!!

For New Years Day Anthony let me sleep in and I didn't wake up til 10:30
I laid in bed catching up on some blogs and reading everyone's resolutions
We ended up going to Subway downtown for lunch.
I love the vibe of the one downtown because it is in an old brick building and you feel like your in a quaint little coffee shop or studio apartment.
#lunch entry for my #fmsphotoaday challenge

After lunch we went for a drive out by The Wild's and soaked in the beautiful scenery and did some birding.
1st selfie of the New Year
I spotted my first owl too!! It was a short eared owl
And this is what I was talking about the beautiful scenery. 
Please note that there was no snow on the ground.
This morning we have gotten about an inch or two of that white stuff and it is still coming down.
If the roads were extremely dangerous out there it would be really pretty to drive out there today to get some pictures with the snow on the ground but the roads have definitely not been touched by a plow truck.
Oh and I am stuck here at work until 4:00 so that will not be happening.

What did you do for New Years Eve? or how about the first day of the year?
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Showered With Design

p.s. We need some prayers today for Tank. He has been limping for the last couple of weeks and we thought he had just sprained his leg but it has not been getting any better and has been swelling up. Today when I get off work I am taking him to the vet and unfortunately I have to take him by myself because Anthony is 2.5 hours out of town duck hunting with some buddies and most likely will not be back home in time to come help me (sore subject right now) So please prayers for Tank and prayers for me taking him (maybe even prayers for Anthony that he is back home in time too). Thanks so much!!! 


  1. Looks like you had fun! That cake is gorgeous!
    Thanks for linking up!

    Showered With Design

  2. Sounds like such a fun new year's! And that cake is so pretty!


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