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WEDDING WEDNESDAY - Our Wedding Day - Part 5 - My Girls

I was going through some of my saved blog posts that I haven't gotten a chance to get to posting in the last year, nothing too great just a couple house tour posts, and I realized I never finished posting about our wedding. So for the next couple of Wednesdays I am going to post some Wedding posts. I gotta finish up the actual pictures from our wedding along with some crafts and DIY projects for our wedding that I never got around to posting about that I really want to share with everyone.

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So today I am going to start off with my girls that were in our wedding party.
I don't even know how I could ever thank my bridesmaids enough for being by my side on the best day of my life so far! They were all so much help and fun to be around. 
Here are all the fun pictures that we took after the wedding at the reception property.
I love all of these pictures and am still trying to figure out how to display them in our house. 
Aubrey was my Matron of Honor. 
We have been best friends since elementary school. We didn't go to school together (she is actually a grade ahead of me) but we were in 4H together and when I switched from private Catholic school to public school we were in the same school as each other. Even though we didn't see each other much during school we spent every chance we could together after school, on the weekends and all summer. 
She was Anthony and I's matchmaker and I was actually her's to her and her hubby, Mark. 
Since I did not have a sister growing up Aubrey filled that gap (we always say our Mothers wouldn't have been able to handle us as sisters) so it was already obvious that she would be standing by my side when we got married. 

Maddy is my first cousin and is the only cousin (on my Mom's side) that is close to my age. 
I used to babysit Maddy when she was younger and as she has gotten older our relationship has turned into much more of a friendship. Today is actually her 15th birthday and I cannot believe it! 
Maddy was my maid of honor. I actually wanted her and Aubrey to both be but since Aubrey is married she became my matron and Maddy became my maid. 

Blaire and I first met my sophomore year of high school when I joined the swim team.
We weren't really close friends in high school, more just team mates, but then we graduated Blaire and I both continued on to the community college and quickly became BFFs. We signed up for yoga classes together and started hanging out a lot more often. I had heard people say that after high school that you kind of drift away from your friends that you previously had and you get new friends. I kinda didn't believe it until it actually happened to me. Pretty much all of my friends have gone separate ways after leaving this little town. Blaire and I both have a love for our dogs and photography. 

Joni and I met through Aubrey and Mark and our husbands are hunting buddies. 
Joni is the biggest sweet heart and was my lifesaver the night of my bachelorette party. 
We don't get to see each other much because our schedules conflict with the other but when we do hangout we enjoy going to concerts or hanging out with her daughters.

Shalene is my brother's girlfriend (of 3 years) and we are also great friends because of them being together.
Shalene and I enjoy going to turkey calling shows together in Columbus and in Nashville, hunting together (even though it doesn't happen as often as we like, I think everyone secretly doesn't allow it because we talk too much when we should be quiet) and obviously traveling together. Shalene has been on a couple family vacations with us and she also went on our terrible beach camping in the OBX trip with us. 

Jesie and I met in Jr High when I switched to Tri-Valley. Jesie and I were on the basketball team together and were best friends. Actually Jesie, her twin sister Julie, and two other girls and myself were dubbed the "starting 5" on the team because we played awesome together and the coach always had us start each game. Jesie and I have been friends ever since then and our boys are also friends and enjoy going hunting together.
Jesie and Kris are getting married September 20th this year and I am so excited to help them with their wedding and celebrate them finally tying the knot!!!

Avery is my cousin and is also my super little crafty cousin in our family. Avery and I share that same trait obviously. Avery is also a swimmer and is awesome at that too!!! Avery was my little Jr Bridesmaid!!!

Miss Molly was our flower girl. Molly is my cousin and Anthony and I actually took Maddy and Vincent (her sister and brother) to see her for the first time when she was born so I held her within an hour of her being born. Needless to say since then we rarely go a week without seeing each other!!!
Miss Molly was probably more excited about being our flower girl than we were ourselves about the wedding. She had everything planned out from gloves to wear to 6 inch purple stilettos!

My Girls!!!!
Us four cousins. Molly, Me, Maddy and Avery
I ended up making the bouquets for the girls.
They were super reasonable and I am going to do a tutorial for them after I get through a couple more of these posts from our actual wedding day.

Here are some of the other wonderful women in my life that if not for their help our big day would not have went nearly as smoothly.
Aunt Lori. Where do I even begin? for one thank-you so much for opening up your home for the invitation party, a lingerie shower and our rehearsal dinner. Even more importantly than she did my hair! and she did an amazing job!!! We ended up having two trial runs and the day of it looked even more amazing than it had those other two times. Oh and poor planning on our part we did not have transportation to the reception hall because we had been so concerned about getting the get-away tractor as our form of leaving the church but Aunt Lori drove us to the reception hall too which was great because well what was the party without the bride and groom?!

Aunt Erin. The list could go on and on. She took the little girls to get their hair done, took lots of candid pictures before, during and after, was a reader during our wedding ceremony and to top it off she put together our wedding album for us!! Which is amazing by the way and I will posting more about it on another Wednesday post. Thank-you so much Aunt Erin for everything!

My Mother-In-Law Theresa provided us with beautiful live flowers for the decorations at the reception hall.
Oh and the Groom!!! lol
Theresa showed up on Friday while we were setting everything up and had a cargo van full of flowers from their green house that her and Bob run at their house. The flowers really pulled everything together. We were able to decorate the inside of the reception hall around the dance floor along with the outside of the reception hall (which was really lacking the personal touch - thanks to poor management). 

My other Mother-In-Law Teresa
Thanks so much to her for running around and making sure that everyone had their boutonnieres and flowers to the Grandma's. I never even thought about arranging that and since our Grandparents didn't arrive until everyone else was it was kind of hard to find all of them and make sure they had their flowers. I was like "oh my gosh they have to have them!" and Teresa just took all of them and made sure they got them!! 
Thank-you so much Teresa for preventing me from having a panic attack!!!

And last but certainly not sweet Momma!!! 
I could go on and on for days with what my Mom helped with our wedding.
It seriously would not have happened if it weren't for my amazing parents.
Everything from gifting us for the wine making at Buckeye Winery to buying us a rental car for our honeymoon to buying hundreds of mason jars and countless shopping trips. 
Thank-you so much Mom from the bottom of my heart! I cannot ever begin to thank you and Dad enough.
Our Wedding day was PPPPEEERRRFFFEECCCCTTT thanks to you!!! xoxo

Love Always, Nancy J


  1. I love wedding posts! It's so nice that you have all these amazing ladies in your life! They are all beautiful and it sounds like they are also beautiful on the inside! :) That is so crazy that your mother in law's have the same name! TOo funny! Can't wait to see more wedding posts :)

    1. Thanks Julie! isn't that funny that they both have the same name. We kind of joke around that Anthony's Dad would never get in trouble for saying his ex wife's name lol another funny thing is that Anthony's mom was also "friends" with another guy that had the same name as his Dad which is Loran. I think its funny because that really isn't that common of a name.

  2. These are so pretty!!!! you did a great job with the bridesmaids flowers too!

    1. Thanks Meredith and I really loved the flowers. Since they were artificial I still have lots of them to decorate my house with (:

  3. Beautiful dresses--especially yours!

    1. thank you so much Jenna! It was the 3rd dress I tried on and I loved it so much. So much that I am having it put in a shadowbox frame and we are going to hang it in our closet. I figure its my most favorite outfit I have ever worn and probably always will be so why the heck not!!! lol thanks for stopping by my blog (:

  4. I just love those bridesmaid dresses!! What a fun color!!

    Thank you so much for linking up with us pretty girl!


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