Thursday, January 16, 2014

Things I don't do but I should be doing...

I am always finding myself while I am doing something thinking: "Self, you should be doing this more often than you are" or "why don't I do this more often"
These tasks could be super simple or extraordinary fun things that aren't every day occurrences.
Maybe if I document them I will be able to hold myself more accountable...
so here it goes, here is a list of some of my flaws and some just down right funny things that I am missing out on in life. Enjoy and go ahead and judge me. 

Let's start off and get the embarrassing stuff out of the way, BATHROOM DUTIES:
  • washing my face. Too often I fall asleep on our big chair that both of us fit on and I wake up at 11:30 and tell Anthony it's time for bed. Then the scene turns into one right out of The Walking Dead and we somehow end up in bed. Obviously zombies don't wash or scrub their faces at the end of the day. As I have gotten older I have noticed that my face isn't as durable and flawless as it used to be and I should probably start preserving it better. Maybe if I just wash it when I get home from work in the evenings after I change out of my work clothes I will be better off. What are some of you face cleaning habits? 
  • flossing my pearly whites. I don't even think we own dental floss. This is kind of one of those things that I only remember about right about the time I am sitting at The Smile Shack (yes that is the name of my Dentist office! not kidding) and the dental hygienist asks
    DH: when was the last time you flossed?
    B: (trying talk while she has both hands in my mouth & instread just mumble & act like I cannot talk)
    DH: goes to remind me that I should be flossing 2-3 times a day and offers a free pack of dental floss
    B: (still mumbling and starting to taste the blond from my gums that haven't been flossed since the last time I was in this same position) okay I will try to remember
  • washing my hands. First off I do wash my hands when I go to the bathroom and if I have just pet Tank or Diesel and am getting ready to cook or prepare something to eat. But I realized today that I don't typically wash my hands after handling something at work that who knows where the person before me has touched. We get some pretty sketchy people in the office and most of the time I just take their cards to make copies and don't even think about washing my hands after. Thinking about this is disgusting me out but sometimes I just get too wrapped up in the task I am trying to complete. I really need to get a bottle of antibac on my desk for those times I forget to go wash my hands.
  • Wiping from front to back. Please tell me I am not the only one that forgets about this little rule. It really just isn't convenient and wasn't instilled in me as a toddler. You would think after getting like 5 million UTIs this would kinda stick out to me but I always forget.
Okay now that all the blushing topics are out of the way here are some that are more everyday...

  • make my bed. Usually I only make my bed once or twice a week. But when I do make it the feeling that I get when I come home cannot be compared to any other feeling. There is just something about walking in your bedroom to a already made bed or pulling the covers back to go to bed at night. Now if only I could do it every morning.
  • go on hikes or walks. Every time I go on a hike by myself, with my husband or with the dogs I always think to myself "self, this is so much fun! You should do it more often" then I don't do it for another month or so. It is so rewarding to just go walking in the woods or on a trail and not think about work or other struggles of life. I really need to try to take a walk at least once a week.
  • go visit elderly family members. Whenever I visit family members that are older I leave with a great feeling. I realize that they might not be around much longer and that I should cherish every free moment I get to spend with them but then my busy life gets in the way and my priorities get out of whack and I put it off. 
  • delete texts, missed calls and voicemails. I just did this last weekend and it was so refreshing to look at my phone and not have a book of texts there that are 7 months old and voicemails that dated back two years. I now have so much more room on my phone and I might even set a reminder on it to clear everything more often.
  • back up pictures. Last weekend I sat down and started burning a bunch of our pictures that are on the laptop to cds. I made it through 2007, 2008 and somewhat through 2009 and I ran out of patience. Once I get everything backed up and I am planning on taking it off the computer and keeping up to date on backing it all up.
  • categorize everything. It started last week when I started sorting through all our pictures and putting everything into a category (year, month, event) and continued yesterday when I decided to start categorizing my bloglovin account. Now everything is super organized and I just need to stay on top of it instead of waiting til last minute.
  • read books more. I find myself reading magazine subscriptions or catching up on blogs on my ipad every chance I get night instead of just reading a book. The last two nights I have set aside time to read a book I started a couple months ago but got distracted and didn't finish. It felt so good to get my eyeballs and fingers on a real book page! My goal is to start reading more and even join a book club. I also started following a couple bloggers that blog about reading and have challenges that I am looking forward to participating in. Definitely stay tuned for some book reviews and recommendations.
  • plug in my electronic devices at night. I am constantly playing catch up with keeping my phone and ipad charged. You can almost always find me sitting near an outlet with one of the devices plugged into the wall. We will leave the house to go on a fun little Sunday drive (you know the ones where you want to take lots of awesome pictures so you blog about it) and my phone will only have 30% battery and the point and shoot will be deader than a door nail. Point being proven with this blog post. The laptop is dead and the power cord is not working, my phone is dead and my only charged up device is my ipad which at a measly 7%. All of this is not working and it is almost 7 a.m. MUST PLUG IN EVERYTHING WHEN I GO TO BED AT NIGHT!
  • wake up early. Every morning I have an alarm set for 6:30 and another for 7 and another for 7:15 oh and one for 8:30 because well if it is 8:30 I am officially late for work and have 30 minutes to get there before I am french toast (not real sure why I am referring being late to work french toast because well being late to work is a bad thing and french toast, well it is hands down the best breakfast food in my cookbook!) But this morning I am up super early and I am getting so much more done. One being my bed being made and having a chance to get a couple chapters read of my book. Oh and I am not trying to figure out what to blog about today because I am getting this typed (very slowly - blogging from an ipad is not fun). Now if I could figure out how to force myself out of bed every morning this early. What is the trick?
Okay so now that you know stuff about me that isn't exactly easy to spill all over for everyone to read are you planning on coming back still?! Oh hey your still here! Thanks so much!
I know we all have little quirks of things that we need to get a grip on to make life easier and it so hard but I really think if we hold ourselves accountable for it we might actually start doing it.
Well that is my plan anyways. Hopefully it can stick.


  1. These were all really good. I am so bad at washing my face, i started to keep make-up remover towelettes by my bed so I can do it quickly. The front to back thing I totally chuckled at, I don't remember it being a big thing as a child but it is important. I love hiking but the weather here dictates how often I can go, but I always love to do it when I can. I only use a the fitted sheet on my bed so all I have to do is straighten my comforter (lazy person win!).

    1. Thanks Kerry and I am totally that person too!!! Our non-fitted sheet was crumbled up at the bottom of our bed, has been for a while, and I just put it in the laundry room. I am probably just going to fold it and put it in the closet with all the other sheets and pillow cases!

  2. I need to do every single one of these things lol

  3. Well fancy that... we're twins in even more things! Lol. I have been really working on washing my face at night as well. I have found that once I come home I typically just throw on comfy clothes and it does help to wash your face right away! So I hope that works for you as well! I used to be really bad about flossing until I started buying those pick floss things! It makes flossing much more convienent! I can't go without making the bed! It drives me nuts! If Michael gets out of the bed last and doesn't make it I always say "Last one out of the bed, better make it!" :) Visiting elders is always a great feeling! I'm with you on that one! :) And you already know how I am about the whole morning routine. Lol. :)

  4. This post made me laugh! I feel the exact same way about washing my face at night and flossing my teeth. I couldn't even tell you the last time I flossed my teeth... embarassing I know!


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