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WEDDING WEDNESDAY - Our Wedding Day - Part 6 - His Guys

Hello again! 
I have really been looking forward to these Wedding Wednesday posts. Currently I have a huge wedding bug going on and have been swooning over everything wedding related on Pinterest and I have been ooohhhiiing and aaahhhhiiiiinnnng over the handful of wedding photographers that I follow their blog.
If you are looking for some really good wedding photography blogs to read or just look at all the wedding gorgeousness going on let me know and I can hook you up with some major eye candy!!!
who knows you might even find your future wedding photographer. 

Anyways make sure you head over to Nancy or Meredith's blog to check out the awesome Bride and Newlyweds that are planning or reliving their Big Days!!!
Love Always, Nancy J

Now lets get to today's post. Today I am featuring the guys from our wedding that were a party of the wedding party. All of Anthony's groomsmen have played important roles in his life (and mine too!)
I couldn't sucker Anthony into writing this post for me so I am just going to introduce all the guys.
best man::KW - Trevor::Anthony's youngest brother - Travis::Anthony's other younger brother
Jonathan::my brother - Jory::good friend - Mark::friends since elementary school
Vincent::my cousin

Our photographer did not get any pictures of just our ring bearer
but here is Evan, our awesome ring bearer.
this could be why there was were limited pictures of him.
I think the stress of protecting those wedding bands and making sure they made it down the aisle
really wore him out (;

Another DIY project I found myself engulfed in doing myself. After brainstorming and looking through lots of other people's wedding pictures I did a trial run and luckily Shalene showed up and I kidnapped her for the morning to help me with making the guys boutonnieres. I promise after I get through some of these other posts I am going to do some tutorials on all the DIY touches we did ourselves. Until then this is what they looked like...

A couple other shout outs that I have to give out to a couple guys in our lives because without their help on our big day it would not have been as perfect!
My Dad.
Just like my Mom this list could go on and on with what he helped us with with our big day.
From the get go they funded our wedding and he helped me round up rustic touches at auctions and antique stores, get the hay wagon trailer ready for our get-away ride and he also helped beyond measure with the set up of the reception hall. He calmed my nerves about the arrangement of tables (he calms my nerves in pretty much any situation, I think it is because I know that he can picture something in his head and make it work out perfectly and I trust that it will) He was also found cutting all the burlap runners for the tables and making sure that they looked like what I was wanting. 
And the biggest of them all was giving Anthony permission almost 2 years ago when he 
asked him to marry his daughter.
Thank you so much Dad! Please know that no matter what I can never thank you enough for making our wedding day one of the best days of my life.

My Grandpa Kuhn.
This man and his love for his tractor.
He shined the wheels on it and had it all prettied up for our wedding day.
There was something going wrong with it that it ended up having to run the whole entire time during our ceremony and I am sure he was just running through his head the whole time what would happen if he couldn't get it to run! 
This was one of my top 5 favorite parts of our wedding day, being able to have him pull us behind his tractor to leave the Church and drive through downtown Zanesville.
It was a blast!!!

If you missed out on last week's Wedding Wednesday which was the reveal of our Bridal Party make sure that you check it out. Don't forget to head over to the link up too to see what all the other beautiful brides and brides to be are up to!!!


  1. I like that the men aren't wearing jackets. And your ring bearer is so cute!! Looks like the stress of carrying your rings really took it's toll on him! ;)

    1. Isn't he so cute?! We chose for our guys to not wear jackets because our wedding day was in the middle of June and I knew it would be pretty warm out and they would eventually just take their jackets off anyways. I fell in love with Austin and Kristy's wedding that I saw on Katelyn James Photography's blog ( and knew that I wanted something similar. Unfortunately I could not find a menswear shop that had that same color and texture that their guys wore so this was the closet we got to that and added our own personal touch with the vests being in color. They guys thanked me when it was so hot that day that they weren't wearing jackets.

  2. Beautiful day! Love these photos. The tractor is awesome!

    1. Thank you so much and the weather could not have been more perfect!!!
      We thought the tractor was pretty awesome too!!! (:

  3. Omg those boutineers are perfect! I can't believe you made those!

    Thanks for linking up with us!


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