Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Springs Showers Bring May Flowers...Maybe Not True If You Live In OHIO :(

I was getting really spoiled with the nice weather we were having there for a couple days but I was quickly reminded of where I live. Luckily it has warmed up a little bit this week but yesterday I woke up to it pouring down rain and freezing cold and windy! Not putting me in a good mood because I had to spend the whole day at school and prepare for a my first anatomy test. Running out of the house late I realized I had made the wrong choice of attire to wear for the rainy day. I had no time so I rolled up my "long" yoga sweats and grined and bared it. However during break Brittany had to go pick up a prescription so we decided to invest in some "stylish" rubber boots. I have a pair but they are my dirty barn boots. So Wal-Mart had one cute pair but we both liked them and didn't want matching ones and they were $24!!! Off to TSC and I got a pair of pink camo ones and Brittany got black polka dots and they were only $19. Back at school we had circuit training and then off to conquer the big test. The test was a huge disappointment, I am going to have to study alot more than I did the last week. The only good thing of my day was getting my new rubber boots and going to visit the Spiker kiddos and Aunt Lori asked me to stay for supper. Hamburger Helper, corn and Red Lobster Biscuits :) After that I was able to go home and go to bed.

Here are my lovely new rain boots!!! :)
Here are some from the wonderful weather we had on Sunday!
 Turbo in the pot...either cooling down or that was his only way to get away from Tank
 Tank getting a drink after all his running
 Working with the boys
 "Do you need my help?"

 All tuckered out from the long day in the sun!
 who can't love that face?!
 Holding my baby...soon enough he will be way too big for this :(
"Can we please go to bed Mom?!!"

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