Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter Everyone! 
Here are some pictures of our wonderful Easter Sunday :)

 All of us kids on Grandma's front porch. From left Maddy, Avery Molly, Me, Evan, JK, Tank & Vincent
 Anthony and I with Tank
 Amazing food!!!
 Blowing bubbles 
 Anthony blowing bubbles
 My little man taking a break from chasing the bubbles
Check out the Easter Bunnys awesome egg hiding skills.

I had a wonderful Easter Sunday. We woke up and got ready for church in a slight rush ofcourse and then attended 10:30 mass. Church was packed and Jk and I showed up late so we stood on the steps outside of church. It was a very nice day so we got to enjoy church outside. After church JK and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up a chocolate pie for dessert at Grandma Spiker's then came to the house so I could get my camera. Then we headed to Grandma's for the day. We enjoyed amazing food and spent time together. I am also going to start a "My Favorite Things" posting. I will be posting these on a random day of the week. These things are helping me have subjects to blog about and keep me up to date on blogs. My goal is to blog almost every day of the week. So wish me luck!

50 Day Challenge
2.Which is worse, failing or never trying?
I would say never trying would be worse than failing. When you fail you can try again, know your potential, or are able to say you have attempted something. However if you never try you will never know your potential and you will never learn what it is like to loose at something. The problem with not trying is you will never know if you can and it just leaves you with the question of "could I have.." or "would I have been able to.."

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