Sunday, April 24, 2011

OH-IO... Spring Game, Some Egg Coloring & 50 Challenge

Today Anthony and I went with our friends Jon, Michelle, and Kaitlyn to the Ohio State Spring Game. It was Anthony's first football game, making it our first game together :) The weather was actually pretty nice, a little windy with a chill here and there but no rain and it was kind of warm. Here are some pics from the game. Did I also mention we had awesome seats...third row from the field at the 45 yard line :)

 Talking to my Momma! "Hey Mom I am at the SHOE!!! OH-IO!!!"
 I love that smile...well that one is a little fake ;)
 That would be Anthony and Jon way up there at the top!!!
 Can you see them now?! man they look so tiny.
 Terrel Pryor #2
 Brutus Buckeye
 Anthony and I after the game
 Tonight we all colored eggs at Grandma Spiker and Dave's since tomorrow is Easter.
Here is Avery with her first stripped egg that I taught her to do.
 Evan and his red egg
 Molly and her orange egg
 Maddy and Avery
 Aves and I with our favorite eggs!
 pretty eggs
 My favorite egg
 After coloring we had a little photo-shoot in the livingroom. Photographer: Anthony :)
All of us cousins minus Jk and Bri.
 Silly faces
 Us girls

 Us with Grandma.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and I will post pictures from our day tomorrow. Here is my first of the 50 day challenge:

1.How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
I would say 21 or 22. I would say this because I pretty much do stuff that most people this age would be doing. I feel as if I have accomplished stuff in my life but I feel there is still a lot to be done. Like graduating college, getting married, buying our first house, maybe getting a brand new car, starting a family etc. 

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