Sunday, April 17, 2011

Easter Egg Banner

Hello Everyone!
I know two posts in one day...I haven't done this before (I know I haven't been on this blog long but I had another one before this). Anyways I was feeling crafty on my way home today and decided to try something real simple. So I got home and fired up the Cricut and started to make an easter egg banner. Here are the directions if you want to make one yourself::
I cut fifty 3" ovals with the Plantin Schoolbook Cartridge. I chose 5 different patterns of scrapbook paper.
Then I took some purple thread and threaded through the ovals (eggs) and just made a simple banner out of the eggs.
My banner took 18 eggs so now I have a bunch more to make so there are going to be a couple throughout the house. I hung mine on the shelf thats in our kitchen and am probably going to hang the other above the kitchen window. You could even cut out letters that say "Happy Easter" or "Hoppy Easter" and attach them to the eggs. Here are some pictures of my finished product!

thats my favorite egg! kind of has a rustic/barn theme to it...might try to make a different one with more papers from this collection.

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