Tuesday, April 19, 2011

well the last time I posted I forgot to write about Tank's first booboo. He was running through our front yard after my older dog, Diesel, who doesn't like him very well and Tank decided to jump on him. Diesel laid into him and left Tank with a mark on his face. 

It really is not as bad as it looks. The blood just hadn't clotted yet so it was a little runny. All it really is is a tiny hole thing. Today it is already looking better.

Today my Aunt Lori and Uncle Matt are heading to New Jersey for their anniversary. It is a much needed trip  for them  With three kiddos they don't get away very much by themselves. I hope they have a great trip. While they are gone I am going to be house/dog sitting for them. So it is going to be so nice to have the house all to myself for a couple days. I am hoping to get some hardcore studying in and just enjoy a quiet house. So right now I need to pack up some of my stuff and get Tank's cage cleaned out and packed in the car because my little buddy is joining me :)

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