Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day in the Life...or an hour in the life of Tank

So I got home yesterday from getting the kids on the bus and thought I would send Anthony a cute little text with a picture of Tank "saying good morning" how hard could that be. Well I got the first pic ok, a little blurry and sent it. The second picture he ran away and all you can see is a blur! so I sent the second message and it read: "But he had better things to do" (chase the kitten, harass Turbo, find something of Mom's to chew up) About 10-15 minutes later I find him laying with Turbo in the kitchen so I snapped another. Then he was off again (: Now at 9:30 he is passed out again and man you should hear his snoring!

Isn't life so hard for this little man?!!!??

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