Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Welcome Tank!

Sorry I have been so MIA. I was busy last week training at my new job, waitressing. Unfortunately it was not my type of occupation and I quit after four days. It was way too fast paced and I just couldn't keep up. I give total credit to anyone who is a waitress! Anyways on Thursday night I went and picked up my new baby. He is a 12 week old, French Mastiff puppy! His name is Tank and he has stolen my heart. Even though we are still working on house training I love him to pieces. On Sunday I took him and my other dog (german shepard mix) Diesel over to Dillon to go walking and make them spend some time together. Diesel doesn't like him at all and has been spending all of his time outside, he is the most emotional dog I have ever known of. Here are some pics from when we got back to the house. 

 Me and Anthony with our baby
Just chillaxin on the couch :) Who couldn't love that little face?!

I started my classes for spring quarter yesterday. Today will be my long day for I will be there from 1210-9 with a couple little breaks in between. Some other good news is that Aubrey is going to her doctors appointment and they might be inducing her today. I am so excited and can't wait to hold Baby Briggs :) I am sure there will be pictures ASAP. 
Enjoy your day everyone!

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