Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I didn't get to post about my weekend on here yesterday because I was busy preparing for my 10 minute speech for class that I did last night. My stress levels were extremely high and I was dreading giving it but when I was done I felt so much better!
Hopefully after this class I will be a better public speaker however we only have one more speech to give and I don't know if I am quite there yet, so I guess we will see.

Anywho this weekend we had the Doublecut Halloween Party.
It was a blast and the band made enough money to go to Nashville! 
So that is super exciting!!
My cousin, Daniel, is the lead singer and our friend Kelsey's bf is one of the guitar players.
It was such a fun night even though Mr. Fry did not join me for the night
(Just one of our differences that we are excepting about..I LOVE Country music and concerts and he does not..I know I know, its not even heard of, but I still love him!!)

Sunday was spent being lazy and trying to finish my homework and be prepared for my speech. 
It was not a fun day and I don't recommend it to any of you!

On another note we are all okay here but I am sending my love and prayers to all those involved with Sandy. Man she is a wicked one...I hope everyone can pick up from this and go back to normal within time.

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  1. Just found your blog =) The fall banner you did is darling and made me immediately think of the jar of buttons that I have lying around!


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