Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Weekend, please take it slow and easy on me. We have an all day long pre-cana program at the church tomorrow and then I am taking my friend Shelby's maternity pictures and then we are watching the game with the guys. Then on Sunday we are going to Mount Vernon for my cousin's little boys birthday party. I also have to fit some studying in there sometime too because I have two midterms next week and a paper due on Monday.

Dear Tank, you are such a sweet heart and last week you finally discovered that Anthony has moved to the basement and that even though your not allowed on the carpet upstairs (its too new and Mom doesn't want any dogs on it) you are able to go downstairs and sleep on the carpet in Anthony's downstairs apartment (: It was so cute because before I got in the shower you were passed out on my bed in my room and when I got out of the shower I couldn't find you. I was yelling and searching all over the house for you. Finally I decided to check downstairs and there you were curled up in a little ball right by Anthony's bed. Last night after I finally got you into the bath tub and gave you an oatmeal bath you smell so good!! I know it won't last long and next week you will need another one but it was so nice cuddling with you by the fireplace last night!
Dear Fall, I am loving all of your pretty colors and the cooler weather. I also love that you bring out people's creative bone and all the porches are decorated! I am hoping to get ours done sometime next week. The leaves are gorgeous and I can't get over the changes. You are one of the many reasons I love living in Ohio!

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