Friday's Letters

Dear Friday,
welcome back and as always I am glad you are finally here! The week wasn't too bad but hey no one complains about paycheck week...well I guess not until it isn't coming back around fast enough and all the money went to pay bills.

Dear Ashley at Rustic Living,
I am in love with the ring bearer pillows you made for us!! I can't quit looking at them (: Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!

Dear Anthony,
I sometimes don't feel like I tell you often enough how much I appreciate everything you  do for me. For a couple weeks now I have been without heat in the jeep and it is getting pretty cold here in Ohio and well you fixed it temporarily last week but it wasn't quite the fix and it quit again this week. I am glad you decided to fix it Tuesday morning when I was running late to work and inevitably you had the whole dash ripped out while I was supposed to have left 15 minutes before and I got a little sassy. But really babe I love everything you do for me and I really appreciate that you know your way around the engine compartment (wasn't that in a movie or something?) Thank-you so much for taking care of me and not loosing your patience when I am loosing mine. I love you babe!! xoxo

Dear Camera,
I am so glad I discovered this week that you are not broke!!! Unfortunately it is my lense but that should be an easy and cheaper fix than having to buy a new camera (crossing my fingers it is) Luckily Blaire is letting me borrow her camera for a week until I can get mine all figured out.

Dear fall weather,
I am loving you so much right now!! the leaves are all changing to bright reds, oranges & yellows, there are pumpkins every where, the farmers are out in the fields doing their last rounds and I had a reason to get these awesome new boots! I love them and I also purchased a pair of boot socks to see how much I would like them after finding them on Pinterest and lets just say if you do not have a pair you need to get some asap!!!

Dear Wedding,
you are 239 days away and I am getting stuff checked off the to do list every day but I would really appreciate it if you would slow down just a little. Please and Thank-you!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!!


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