Fall Banners are Up!

I know I am a little slow this year but some of the fall decorations are finally up!!
After creating some other projects Saturday night I decided the Fall stuff needed to get done 
or before I knew it it would be Christmas.
So here is the banner I did for the kitchen..

I am still working on the stuff for the living room and the shelf in the kitchen
but there is a little bit of hope that it will get done! 
This was my first time tying buttons into any of my projects and I had this whole jar full of buttons and I thought these would look super cute after seeing some on Pinterest. 
I think I am going to do a fall wreath to put up in the top middle of the frame to cover up 
those strings crossing.
 I have been looking into making one of those spoon wreaths or maybe a book page one..
any suggestions?

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