Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wedding Wednesday

Hello Ladies!
I am back again for some more Wedding Wednesday
I already mentioned on Monday that I finally got to go get my dress but since its very much wedding related I have to mention it again, of course!
now I am on to deciding what I want to do about my sash.
I personally think the belt that comes on it is too blingy and takes away from the simplicity of the dress
but I still want to dress it up a little bit. 
When we were in the store I tried it on with a different belt they sell there (middle picture) loved the two flowers but the rhinestone gems on the side are too gawdy!
So last night I decided to try my dress on at home and wanted to see what it would look like with one of the flowers I have created. Aside from the burlap on my flower being really rough looking I think I really like the look of the flower on the side with the rhinestone belt.
what do you think? 
any suggestions or etsy shops I need to check out for this?

Another very exciting thing that happened last night was Ashley over at Rustic Living posted her new designs for the ring bearer pillows! 

I was immediately over to her shop checking these babies out!!
I am in love!!! 
and I ended up ordering two of them last night for our ring bearers
I cannot wait to see them in real life!!

One other project I started working on last night was the signs I got some inspiration off of pinterest to have put outside the church and eventually the ones to put along the road directing people to our wedding.
I really didn't want to go with the tradition posterboard and some balloons so ofcourse I resorted to Pinterest from some ideas and this is what I found!
Style Me Pretty
Style Me Pretty
Katelyn James Photography

I have some boards from a barn that was torn down and my brother scored for me that has been screaming "Brittany make me into something pretty!"
So here is what I got done last night: 
I ended up painting the boards light blue and the hearts are actually orange 
I just have horrible lighting in the basement.
I just need to buy some stakes to put these on so I can put them in the ground
this one is actually going to go outside our church in the big flower pot that they have since its in the middle of a concrete jungle.
I also need to drive the route that everyone will be taking to get to the reception hall to see how many signs are needed and what direction the arrows need to be pointing.

I also got slightly distracted in Hobby Lobby last night playing around with the flowers 
and making some bouquets. We are not real sure if we getting the flowers from hobby lobby or somewhere else that has a little better looking flowers. 
We have to include daisies in the bouquets because there are daisies in the center pieces that we got from Alyssa and Nick. And I want everything to match but here is what I came up with last night.
Let me know what you think...
I am no florist so if these look ridiculous with the other flowers please let me know. 
 These are the centerpieces we have
I am planning on pulling the purple daisies our and replacing with blue daisies like the ones I have in the bouquets I put together last night and I think I am going to take the purple sticks and paint them green or blue and possibly add some burlap, lace or ribbon around the jars.

Next weekend we have the marriage counseling class at the church that I am ready to get done and over with and hopefully soon we will be getting our engagement pictures back from Blaire.
Here are two more that she posted on facebook:

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