Weekend Recap

The weekend is over ): and oh my did it go by way too fast!!
Friday after work I went and got my hair done.
After 4 years of trying to grow it out and not getting anywhere with it
I decided it was time for a change. Stephanie ended up cutting 2-3 inches off of it!

I absolutely LOVE it and so does everyone else (or so they tell me)
 This was an ad that was in the local paper
I told Anthony it would be a win win situation
but he wasn't buying it (literally)
 After my hair appointment and getting my hair done and taking my midterm at the school
I went out to Aubrey and Mark's. We were going to do their family pictures at the farm but it was raining so we ended up skipping out on that and it was too dark in the barn.
Instead I spend my Friday night hanging out with this little man playing tractors

 Saturday morning Anthony decided to brave the cold and go out to the deer stand
My butt was still on the couch. I don't like this cold stuff.
When he got back he put a fire in the wood burner and cook us some eggs and deer meat for breakfast!
 After breakfast he had to head to work and I spent the rest of my day working on wedding stuff on the computer, watching the Ohio State game with Mom and Dad and cleaning in my craft room.
 I also got started on some other projects...

Sunday after Church we had a little barn cleaning party.
With Winter coming we need to make room for the boats, motorcycles and the Zuki in there.

 Then last night we had our catering tasting appointment at the Depot for the wedding.
Everything was amazing and I am so excited that we found someone that truly cares about catering our wedding, has amazing food and is local.
Just a couple more things to get check off the list...

how was your weekend?
Isn't it crazy that we are already in pretty much the last week of October and then it is going to be November?! I am just completely amazed!!

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  1. Ha! Love that ad from the jewelry store. Classic!



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