Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend we were pretty busy but were able to get some hunting in and hangout with some friends. 
Friday when I got off work we hit the woods and got some time in the treestand.
We didn't get to shoot anything but we did have a little buck come in and a raccoon. 
Saturday we had our Pre-Cana at the church for getting married then we headed to Newark
to do my friends maternity pictures then went out to eat and 
back to their house to watch the Ohio State game.
Sunday Anthony had to work the whole day and I worked on some school work 
and we went to my cousin's little boys birthday party.
Other than all the running we have been doing we are just trying to soak up the nice weather before we are sitting on the couch or have to freeze our bums off in order to go outside. 
Tank is loving the fall weather but hates the cold mornings.
He is so funny you can tell he has to go out to go potty but as soon as 
the cold air hits his face he puts the breaks on and doesn't want anything to do with it.
Anthony did the Enfuego Burger Challenge when we went to Tumbleweed with Shelby & Josh
He had to eat the whole burger, the fries and the jalopeno pepper in order to get the tshirt

This week I am going to be super busy with some craft projects I am putting together for some gifts and decorations, studying for mid terms, working on my 10 minute speech and whatever else gets thrown at me.

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