Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I am back! Sorry I have been a little MIA here lately but I have been really busy...with what you might wonder? Well on top of just having fun and enjoying summer I have been getting re-registered for college, making appointments for school and wedding stuff and some little crafting projects here and there. But this past weekend I had lots of fun! Anthony, his brothers and cousin put their money together and bought a fishing boat so Anthony has been getting it all ready for its first trip out on the water and we ended up taking it on Friday! On Saturday Anthony was busy getting ready for an all night cat fishing tournament so Dad and I ended up going yard saleing. I ended up finding some cool stuff including an old suitcase that I am going to clean up and we are going to use it for the wedding along with an old gun book and a metal bucket. I also got some old fishing poles that I am not sure what I am going to do with. My Grandma Kuhn had a lil cookout at her house on Saturday too for a combination of our birthdays and my Aunt and Uncle from Charleston were coming into town for the week! So it was a great time with family and then Saturday night Dad, JK, Grandpa Kuhn, my cousin Tyler and myself all went to the dirt track races because they got switched to Saturday nights and it was only $10 to get in. It was a lot of fun too!! Sunday Anthony and I ended up going out in the boat and I caught a big catfish with my new fishing pole!!

 Hopefully I am back to blogging and not taking too many breaks any more but you never know with summer being here and all! We are always getting into something fun!

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  1. Loving these pictures :) looks like you had a fun day!


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