Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wedding Wednesday Pt. 5

I love doing my Wedding Wednesday posts! However this is on Thursday because we don't have power and I was busy celebrating the Fourth yesterday with my family. I have been looking forward to this post especially and to tell you the truth aside from marrying my best friend and becoming Mrs. Fry this is probably my favorite thing about the wedding. A couple months ago when I browsing through Bobbi&Mike's  blog I came across this wedding that they did back in September 2011. I was especially drawn to it because Dawn's wedding dress is the dress I have been eyeing for a while now but as I was scrolling through then watched the slide show I fell in love with their table settings! They did mismatched china plates, how cute! Dawn said she shopped around for a year before their wedding collecting the table settings. I immediately decided that this was what I was going to do for my wedding. 

SO their wedding is my inspiration for our table settings. 
Photo credits go out to Bobbi and Mike Photography. Make sure you stop by their blog and check out their work. They are an amazing photography team and I love reading their blog!

My Grandma Price works at a local auction barn that holds auctions every Wednesday so I told her about my idea and she got me two sets at the auction then her friend Tina gave me another set. These sets have just been sitting around in boxes and I hadn't had a good chance to figure out what all I had and what I still need to buy so last weekend I got everything out and counted and oohed and awed at what I have!

I have 22 plates, 17 large bowls, 21 small plates, 24 saucers, 12 small bowls and 20 tea cups. 
Obviously I have a long way to go but there are quite a few auctions coming up that are going to have fine china. I am not really sure what we are going to do with the tea cups but we are definitely using the platters for the food to be on. As for glasses and silverware I am not too sure what to do about that, any ides?


  1. I really love that idea! Those pictures are gorgeous and I have no doubt that your wedding will just be beautiful!

  2. What a fantastic idea! And it looks like you already have a great start on plates. We rented all our stuff from a party place called 'Lasting Impressions' {I also live in Ohio}. You could get glasses and silverware there. Good luck it looks like it is coming along.

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