Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What To Do...

so for the last couple months I have really been racking my brain with what I am going to 
get a degree in at school.
I used to know what I wanted to do. 
I was going to become a speech therapist.
Not real sure why I changed my mind. But a did.
Now I have no clue.
I know what I really want to do but sometimes I wonder how realistic it really is.
Maybe one day I will figure it out
or just follow my dream 
and become a beach bum...
haha just kidding!
but really wouldn't that be the life?
I think I could handle doing this all day every day!

But I don't think Mom and Dad would be too proud.
So this morning as I was stalking on facebook I came across a link to a website
I wandered over there to see what this is all about
this girl is up for anything at this point
well maybe not anything......
 if you for some reason decide that this would perfectly fine you should click the "okay!" button
where you will be directed on how to join a circus.
after deciding that my life is already a circus and that isn't what I have always dreamed of
I went ahead and said hell no!
that might be fun and I know Anthony would join me in this adventure....
Alaska wouldn't be bad either...
well not for a long time...
I would much rather live somewhere tropical...
hey I already do that one...
maybe I am doing it all wrong...
it says I need to make an Etsy shop!
maybe there is something in the near future happening over here
stay tuned
already doing this one
and no I do not need eHarmony to find my soulmate
already have him!
I am not completely convinced that this wasn't meant for Anthony...
however being a park ranger would be fun!
That's why Anthony is already going to school to do this...
maybe I should join him...

or maybe just stick to being a beach bum...

some of my other options were...
run for a local office
be a music blogger
become a taste tester
work on an organic farm
paint houses
work on mammoth mountain
live in a slab city

are you looking for your calling?
maybe this website will help you figure it out

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