Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Green hair...

I took these pictures from one of our many little fishing trips last week and was going to post them on Friday however the storm on Friday busted that bubble. So here they are today.

Anthony found me this awesome piece of wood that was laying in the rocks. It is now sitting in my room on top of my white shelf. 

 This is what I am usually found doing while Anthony is fishing. I loose patience really fast when the fish aren't biting so I quickly resort to a book and am happy to go for a couple hours. 

So yesterday I mentioned that we went swimming to pass the time since the power has been out. We pulled out Hi-Ho Cherry-O and some UNO cards. After a while we got a little bored of this so we decided to go to Grandpa and Grandma's pool.
 While we were playing with our "Madam" hairstyles Maddy realized that my hair was green!

Tank was like "oh no Momma what happened?"

 After some research online, texting Stephanie my hair stylist who is vacation til the 10th we headed to Walmart to get some supplies that we didn't already have on hand.
 We ended up mixing vinegar and lemon juice together and dumping that on my hair and letting it sit for 5 minutes. Instead of rinsing that we went ahead and left it on and used Prell and really hot water in an applicator bottle and put that on my hair. After letting it sit for 20 minutes I jumped in the shower, rinsed it out, washed my hair 2 more times with the Prell, once with Pert and then left my conditioner on there for a couple minutes then rinsed. After drying my hair the green had faded significantly but was still there. My plan is until Stephanie comes back is to keep using the Prell and Pert and maybe some of the vinegar and pray to God that it just fades away. If not my butt will be making an appointment to let the professional take care of this. Until then I am rocking a messy bun with the green pieces tucked away, not to be seen!

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