Monday, July 2, 2012

After the storm....

Who ever would have thought I would be so happy to return to work? on a Monday? Not me, but I was so happy to come into work today because our office actually has power, ac, cable, and internet compared to not having anything at home. Mindy and I were actually an hour early to work today.

So are all of you Ohio girls out there making it through all this craziness?! To those of you who don't know what is going on Friday night a huge storm came through that has wiped out a huge amount of the state's power and homes have been destroyed in some areas. We are still without power and are estimated to be without until the 8th. Yes I re-read that too...THE 8TH!...that is 10 days. Oh my goodness don't know if I want to wait that long but we don't really have a choice. On top of not having power we also do not have water because we are on well water. So for the past two days we have been bucketing water to our house from the pond for the animals. Remington is so mad because she is locked in her stall because there are trees fallen on the fence. Yesterday I had Molly so Maddy and I took her over to Grandma and Grandpa Kuhn's to go swimming and try to cool off. Little did I not know was since the pool wasn't circulating water through the jets that the chlorine was extremely high and my hair ended up turning green! yes green, but more on that tomorrow and my solution to this problem.

Last night while I was laying in bed, sweating like crazy I started praying to God that our power would come back on but then realized I was doing it all wrong I needed to be thanking God. Thanking God that we were all safe after the storm, thanking Him that all of our animals were ok, thanking Him that our house and barn are still standing, thanking Him for giving us amazing friends that let us borrow their generator so we don't loose all the meat in our freezer, thanking Him that even though we had a really stressful and scary week with Grandma that she is still with us and will be starting therapy soon and soon enough will be home and life can return to it normal chaos. I prayed for and am continuing my prayers for Grandma to have more positive days than negative, success in therapy and the strength to endure what she has to go through. It is going to be a long road but with these prayers I know God will help us through it all. I also prayed for the people of our community to get power as soon as physically possible for the power guys to do so and maybe then our crazy little town can return to its everyday business.   


  1. That storm was out of control! Glad you're ok! I was driving home from work and could tell it was going to hit any minute. I just had a gut feeling I needed to get off the highway so I pulled into a shopping center and hid in a Barnes & Noble. The power went out there and trees were down EVERYWHERE. Several houses and buildings nearby were on fire from lightening. That was seriously the scariest storm ever! Thankfully our apartment still has power. I've never been more grateful for it. I hope it comes back for you sooner than the 8th! That must be brutal hauling all that water. Hopefully not for much longer!

  2. ah that storm was so crazy, scary and out of no where. Glad you are okay! Praying for you! We lost tons of trees, and most are without power in the Dayton area too.

  3. This weather has been crazy! Thankfully we're some of the select few that didn't lose power. I told my husband we needed a "Hotel" sign on our front door, we've had all kinds of friends and family over to shower/do laundry/hang out in the ac! Hopefully your power is restored soon!


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