Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

We were pretty busy this weekend! On Saturday we went to Dad's work picnic but I didn't get any pictures there, guess we were too busy having fun. After the picnic we went and saw Grandma Spiker at the hospital. She is doing so much better with therapy and is walking with a walker right now and her personality is somewhat to back to normal. For dinner Dad and JK surprised us with a new BBQ place called Route 62 BBQ and oh my goodness it was so delicious including this amazing peanut butter pie that we got for dessert!

 After dinner we decided to go see the farm that used to be my Grandpa's in Hartford. A different family now owns the farm but it used to be huge and it was so pretty! The family has done a great job at keeping it in tip top shape. I love going to Hartford because it reminds me so much of my Grandpa Spiker. 
 Once we got home Miss Molly came over and we ended up having a fire and a sleepover! 
After we sat around the fire for a while we decided to go inside and watch Marley and Me. Of course I was asleep within 10 minutes of the movie.
 Sunday I didn't get much done even though my list was like a mile long! 
I did end up getting some editing done of a recent couple shoot I did but it isn't completely done yet so pictures just yet. 
It finally ended up raining which was very needed but it did not last long enough but we were blessed with a rainbow afterwards and Anthony and I ended up going fishing.

When we got home from fishing I made us some steak sandwiches and we had some strawberry pizza pie.

Even though yesterday wasn't part of the weekend we still had just as much fun, well as much fun as you can have for a Monday. I came home to Mom making dinner before she had to go to work. She made some super delicious bruschetta, spaghetti and some chicken.
 After I ate I headed up to Anthony's house and we ended up going fishing again. The only thing we caught were some good pictures driving down the backroads and a bunch of mosquito bites which was okay because I got to spend some more time with Anthony! 

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