Thursday, June 28, 2012


Grandma got transferred to Ohio State University Medical Center where she is better hands to handle her stroke and the aftermath of it. I spent all day yesterday sitting at the hospital waiting for a Doctor to come in which didn't happen until evening. He ran some tests and they are running some more tests today. She is doing much better than she was on Tuesday night however her left leg and arm are not working, she can wiggle her toes and she is talking more. Her speech is normal but everything is very delayed and she is confused at times. Last night the resident mentioned that she is going to have to do therapy which will most likely be performed in a skilled facility and not at home. Please keep the prayers coming as the next days, weeks and possibly months are going to be very tough on her and she is going to need the strength to battle through therapy and get better. Along with therapy for the stroke she will also be having therapy for her other knee that she just had a knee replacement done on on Monday. Everyone keeps asking what they can do for us and honestly there is one thing, PRAY. We all know that God will get us through this and soon enough life will back to some normalcy. Thank-you everyone!

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