Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Wedding Day - Part 3 - The "I Do's"

I really need to finish writing and posting our wedding pictures...
because before long they are going to just be a memory and I  won't remember the fine details.
I spent so much time planning our wedding day and lots of thought into the little details that turned into the biggest day of both of our lives so far.
I want to be able to look back here and remember all of those little things...

so here is my favorite & most important part of our wedding day...

First how beautiful is our Church!!?
I love this picture that Ty captured before everyone got there

This was one of ring bearer pillows that the oh so talented Ashley from Rustic Living made for me. 
I contacted Ashley when we first got engaged and ordered these custom ring bearer pillows from her. I knew from the get go that I wanted touches of our big day to be displayed in our house for years to come and Ashley's pillows are so adorable and match our rustic decor we had at our wedding and in our home.

And these are the little cuties of our wedding party
Miss Molly and Mr Evan
they did SSSSOOOO good 
especially in front of all the strangers
I love the looks on their faces

Here are some of my girls walking down the aisle
They were under strict orders (lol kinda joking on that one but not really) that they had to smile 
The reason for this was we had attended a wedding two weekends before ours and none of the girls smiled while they were walking down the aisle. I spotted this immediately and thought "geez louise!! Do these girls not even want to be here?!" I told Anthony that I could not forget to keep reminding them that they had to smile even if they were nervous because it looked absolutely horrible for them not to be.
They tried and hey I was behind them so that doesn't even matter now!
Here comes my Dad and I

We are Catholic so at this point the regular Catholic mass was started
And saying our "I Do's"

 I love the look on Anthony's face here!
Unfortunately this is the only picture we have of us kissing and I am going to save my "no cell phones and cameras other than the photographer" rant for another day because now is not the time and hey 
"Why did we get married anyhow? So we can kiss anytime we want!"

 Our get-away!
 There are only a couple moments that I can totally remember from our big day due to all the hustle and bustling around but this picture is one of them and I am so glad that Ty captured it!!!
We had just gotten up on the hay wagon and were waiting for our bridal party to load up and we both looked at eachother, smiled and kissed! It was just one of those moments that I will probably remember forever and now I have a picture to remember it by!

So many people that we love so much and are so happy they shared our special day with us!!!
 and we're off!!

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  1. 1. Wow! Your church is beautiful!
    2. The back of your dress is amazming!
    3. LOVE LOVE LOVE the get away tractor!


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