Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Weekend Wrap up

okay I have a little confession to make...
First off we all know and have a mutual feeling that Mondays are not the greatest day of the week. So for me to get on here on Monday and post about my whole weekend of fun it is just nearly impossible. 
Any usually Tuesday isn't looking too good for me either..
So my weekend wrap up posts usually end up getting posted on Wednesday. 

But hey this here is my blog, my rules
and I am not going to lie, posting about my past weekend festivities usually makes my Wednesdays that much better because we are halfway through the work week and I kinda sorta enjoy it. 

End Confession.
On top of working Friday (which rarely happens) I also got in a 4 mile run and it is starting to look so pretty at the trail where I run. 

My runs have been getting better too! Every time I go I have improved my time and am feeling much more comfortable running. I am finally enjoying it!

This weekend I had intentions of going to the Circleville Pumpkin Show with Mom and Dad but it ended up raining all day on Saturday and we didn't want to drive an hour to get there just to walk around in the cold rain so instead I went out to their house and enjoyed the sweet comforts of going home. They had a fire in the fireplace, the cat was so excited to see me and laid on my lap the whole time I was there and more importantly the Ohio State game was going on. 
Perfect rainy day!

On Friday I also mentioned that I was hoping to get decorating for Fall/Thanksgiving and I decided that we are not buying any pumpkins this year because I don't really want to spend money on them with Christmas coming so fast and we are on a newlywed budget slash Hubby is a full time college student. So I decided I would tackle a Pinterest Pin and make some of these wood stump pumpkins. It was super easy and I am so happy with how they turned out & hey I can use them next year. I ended up making those Sunday morning along with finally painting our front porch. 

This is a picture from when we drove by the house for the first time.
I had posted it back here when I announced that we found a place to live

The pillars on the front porch were one of my biggest pet peeves at the time. 
Not real sure why they were painted half way up light blue then the rest white. 
Well this weekend I finally had had enough of them and in the middle of decorating for fall I realized I needed to get them painted because soon enough it is going to be winter and I would be wanting to decorate for Christmas and lets just face it...those pillars would take away from anything I would do to make it look pretty for the holiday. 

Don't the pillars look so much better?!
We still need to power wash the house before winter sets in and burn put away the wicker furniture.
I am seriously thinking about putting a Christmas tree on our front porch because I think it is going to look very plain and empty without the furniture.
 Speaking of Christmas...
I ran into Odd Lots to see if they had any Fall decorations on sale and of course they also have Christmas stuff out and I had to take a little gand around and look at what they had. 

I am thinking about doing a little nature/hunting tree in our kitchen this year and thought these owls were really cute! But I did not buy them because they were $12 and I think I can find much cuter ones to spend my money on. 

Well that was my uneventful but productive weekend.
I hope your work week is going good and Happy Hump Day

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